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Don't Break Down at the Border: International Shipping Mistakes to Avoid


Session Details

Cross-border shipping is complex. Moving freight through multiple countries means dealing with multiple governments, cultures and languages. If you’re not careful, you can hit a snag with customs clearance and paperwork, trade agreements, or managing multiple providers. 

With so many places to go wrong, shippers need all the knowledge they can get to ensure their freight makes it across the border hassle-free. 

Learn the biggest pitfalls in international shipping — and how to avoid them — from cross-border shipping experts.

Jess Billedo, Director, Operations – Mexico, Coyote Logistics
Clare Capstick-Dale, VP, Strategic Projects – Europe, Coyote Logistics
Scott Pulak, Sr. Manager, Carrier Sales, Coyote Logistics
Paul Gehrig, Director, US Freight Forwarding Customs Brokerage, UPS

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The most common mistakes in cross-border shipping
  • Best practices for getting through customs
  • How to choose a cross-border provider
  • Quoting strategies for cross-border shipping


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