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The Price Is Right: How to Quote Smarter, from Spot Rates to Mini-Bids


Session Overview

Every shipper gets freight quotes. Not everyone does it well.

Following a few simple best practices will put you in position to get the most cost-effective and reliable quotes every time.

Whether you’re quoting spot freight or running a mini-bid, whether you’re shipping truckload or LTL, get advice from our industry experts. They’ll show you how to avoid common mistakes and tell you when to investigate contract rates vs. spot freight.

Elizabeth Williams, Director, Operations, Coyote Logistics 
Jessica Robinson, Digital Support, Coyote Logistics 
Kate Van Dyke, SVP, Operations, Coyote Logistics 
Ryan Maltbie, CEO & Owner,

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to obtain truckload and LTL spot quotes
  • Tips for running a mini-bid
  • RFP strategies for smaller shippers
  • The latest tech tools for quoting
  • Common mistakes shippers make 


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