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2021 Carriers of the Year: See Who Powered Our Network the Most Last Year

In a year defined by disruption, it’s more important than ever to thank the carriers who went the extra mile to keep us moving.

We are once again thrilled to recognize 20 Carriers of the Year who stood out in 2021 with stellar service and an exceptional level of commitment.

For the first time this year, we’ve broken our Carriers of the Year awards into categories to acknowledge the specific way each company adds excellence to our carrier network.

These awards cover owner-operators, large fleets and everything in between who move truckloads, LTL, refrigerated freight, cross-border freight, open-deck and more.

Find out how each carrier stepped up and why they’re excited to be a key contributor to our network.


Introducing the 2021 Carriers of the Year

Congratulations to these 20 outstanding members of our network!

Small Fleet
Mid-Sized Fleet
Large Fleet


Learn More About Each Winner

On-Time Delivery Champion, Owner-Operator: Dark Knight Express, Inc.

Deo Subrian Dark Knight Express OwnerOperating out of Jamaica, NY, Dark Knight Express outpaced the owner-operator pack with a sterling 99% on-time delivery record.

Deo Subrian, Owner of Dark Knight Express is extremely proud of the standard he sets for on-time performance, and he thanks us for helping enable his success.

“Coyote has been instrumental in allowing my business to operate flawlessly and grow this past year. Coyote stands out because of their consideration, timeliness, appreciation and flexibility."

- Deo Subrian, Owner, Dark Knight Express, Inc.


Final Mile Carrier of the Year: PEI

PEI logoBased in Stockbridge, GA, PEI moved an impressive 725 final-mile loads with us last year with extremely solid performance metrics.

The PEI team looks forward to continuing to work with us because of the strength of their relationships with our reps and the way our technology — especially CoyoteGO® — helps everything run smoothly.

“Coyote cares about the needs of the carrier and balance that with the requirements of the customer so that everyone achieves their goals.

Plus, they are just amazing to work with in general — great people!”

- Adam Deutsch, PEI


On-Time Delivery Champion, Small Fleet: ABA Enterprise Corporation

ABA Enterprise from Ellenwood, GA put their fleet of 27 power units to fantastic use with us last year, moving 745 loads with an outstanding on-time delivery rate of 96.5%.

They attribute their high performance with us to both the ease with which they can view and update loads in CoyoteGO and their relationship with “the most amazing rep out there.”

“We love our Coyote team because it is more than just a relationship between broker and carrier; it is truly a team.

It's the relationships that matter the most and Coyote does that so well!”

- Wesley Norman, Owner, ABA Enterprise Corporation


On-Time Pick-Up Champion, Small Fleet: Palmetto Diesel Towing & Recovery, LLC

Palmetto Diesel logoPalmetto Diesel Towing & Recovery’s fleet of 38 power units were practically always on time for their pick-up appointments in 2021 — they hit their pick-up goal for 95.5% of their whopping 2700 loads with us last year.

The North Augusta, SC-based company attributes their success to dedication, commitment and hard work, but they also know they couldn’t do it without the around-the-clock support our team provides.

“We are a hardworking team that strives to consistently provide excellent customer service, and we’re able to fulfill that mission through our partnership with Coyote.

Our broker Drew is easy to reach and responsive to our needs. He always responds in a friendly, professional manner.

Trucking is a 24/7 industry and Coyote recognizes that by providing excellent night and weekend coverage.”

- Tim Russo, Palmetto Diesel Towing & Recovery, LLC


All-Around KPI Champion, Small Fleet: Auscor Transportation Services

With 38 power units operating out of Old Bridge, NJ, Auscor Transportation Services performed admirably across the board when moving 1,650 loads with us last year.

They hit KPI target percentages in the mid-90s for on-time pick-up, on-time delivery and tech tracking. And they even diversified their service by moving 85 refrigerated loads with us.

“The most important factor to our success with Coyote would simply be the trust we have in our rep, Paige, and Coyote as a company.

After many years of doing business, the relationship has grown immensely and we have created a great teamwork approach in order to succeed in ways we thrive to be the best in.”

- Marek Krzykawski, Auscor Transportation Services


Cross-Border Carrier of the Year, Canada: Trans 99 Logistics

Trans 99 Logistics logoFor a second year in a row, cross-border shipping between the U.S. and Canada was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Trans 99 Logistics navigated this tricky situation with confidence and purpose.

Based in Guelph, ON, Trans 99 Logistics moved 384 cross-border loads in 2021. They recognize the positivity our team brings to the relationship and the diligence with which their rep, Liz, works to resolve issues as key to their success in this challenging year.

“Coyote’s representatives’ positive approach changes the whole dimension of work atmosphere and leads to a positive atmosphere on the floor.

After many years of doing business, our relationship has grown immensely and we have created a great teamwork approach in order to succeed and thrive.

We are looking forward to growing together this year and for many more!”

- Jignesh Pithadiya, Operations Manager, Trans 99 Logistics


Dedicated Freight Champion, Small Fleet: JP Logistics, Inc.

JP Logistics logo

For a carrier with a fleet on the smaller side, JP Logistics made a big commitment to moving dedicated freight with us in 2021.

The Willowbrook, IL-based carrier moved more than 5,500 total loads with us last year, and 95% of them were dedicated freight. That’s nearly 20 loads per day!

“Coyote finds the right lanes that we need in our network that are contracted year round, and they don't pull the business if the market changes.

Having great and transparent partners like Coyote is essential to our business and growing brand.”

- Rob Paliunis, President, JP Logistics, Inc.


Refrigerated Carrier of the Year: Vilano Incorporated

Crest Hill, IL-based Vilano Incorporated didn’t just keep nearly 2,000 reefer loads cool last year. They picked them up and delivered them on time an outstanding 99% of the time.

They love the combination of powerful technology — bidding, booking, tracking and billing all enabled through CoyoteGO — and professional excellence we bring to the relationship.

“I want to thank carrier representative Kyle Steiger for his common-sense approach and his hard work enabling us to become winners of the Carrier of the Year award.

Coyote’s business model offers a perfect combination of personal attention and CoyoteGo functionality. We are truly blessed to have such a hard-working team working for us.”

- Valdas Karnatka, President, Vilano Incorporated


Drayage Carrier of the Year: Day-N-Nite Transportation, Inc.

Intermodal shipping was maybe the most challenging sector of the U.S. freight market last year. Day-N-Nite Transportation stepped up to make sure shippers’ containers got where they needed to go.

Based in Santa Fe Springs, CA, the Day-N-Nite team prides themselves on maintaining a good balance between inbound and outbound freight to keep their business healthy, and they enjoy the way our technology helps them manage all the paperwork that comes with driving drayage.

“Coyote’s EDI is superior to all other brokers we deal with, which makes data entry seamless.

Our invoicing department also loves how easy it is to use CoyoteGO. They are able to look up rates, prenotes, invoices, short pays and upload documents directly.”

- Lourdes Finalet, Dispatch Operations, Day-N-Nite Transportation, Inc.


Most Versatile Carrier of the Year: Hazel’s Expedited Freight

Hazel's Expedited Freight logoA volatile freight market means versatility is key to success. Hazel’s Expedited Freight from Carrollton, TX took this to heart in 2021, doing a little bit of everything and doing it all well.

Hazel’s moved dedicated truckload, final mile, expedited and drayage freight. They even pitched in for warehousing and transloading services as well. Any 3PL or shipper would be lucky to work with a team as flexible and accommodating as this one.

“Coyote has always done an outstanding job treating us as a partner in servicing their customers. They understand the importance of building relationship with their carriers.

We have worked with a few different people at Coyote over the years – Ryan, Kyle and Drew – and all of them have always made us feel like we were part of their team.”

- Ray Murphy, Chief Operating Officer, Hazel’s Expedited Freight


UPS Freight Carrier of the Year: Global Transport LLC

One of the great things about being part of the UPS family is that it creates opportunities for carriers in our network to access freight they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Global Transport LLC from St. Louis, MO seized that opportunity in 2021. They moved more than 2,300 loads with us, nearly all of which were UPS business. The UPS team specifically nominated them to be recognized for their excellent service last year.


On-Time Pick-Up Champion, Mid-Sized Fleet: Rapid Transport, Inc.

Rapid Transport logoAlsip, IL-based Rapid Transport put their fleet of 65 power units to great use moving freight with us in 2021. They moved nearly 2,000 loads with us last year and hit their on-time pick-up target an impressive 95% of the time.

They believe success in logistics comes down to relationships, and they value both the strong relationship they have with us and those we maintain with our shippers that keep their trailers full.

“Working with Coyote means access to a vast network of high-quality shippers and customers. These freight opportunities allow us to focus on our core competencies and execute effectively.

Coyote can be trusted as a solid and reliable partner in a competitive and fast-paced industry.”

- Pavlo Rabynyuk, Rapid Transport, Inc.


On-Time Delivery Champion, Mid-Sized Fleet: Legacy Express, LLC

Legacy Express truckOperating out of Fond du Lac, WI, Legacy Express knows how to get freight there on time. Their 69 power units hit their on-time delivery target for more than 99% of their loads with us last year.

Joshua Weninger, Director of Operations for Legacy Express, knows they couldn’t hit those KPIs without the prompt communication he receives from us when issues arise. This kind of teamwork is crucial for minimizing delays and making delivery appointments.

“The most important factor to our success is through building of relationships.

Our Coyote rep, Travis, is a pleasure to work with. He is friendly, detail-oriented, and an excellent communicator. He’s always willing to go the extra mile to ensure a seamless experience for the carrier.”

- Joshua Weninger, Director of Operations, Legacy Express, LLC


TMS Champion, Large Fleet: Skagit Transportation, Inc.

Skagit Transportation logo

Transportation works best when communication is instantaneous, when all the important data is always right at your fingertips.

Skagit Transportation out of Mount Vernon, WA worked hardest last year to make that a reality. They tendered 96% of their loads through TMS, meaning both we and the shippers whose freight they were moving always knew the latest details about their loads.

“We feel we have a great partnership with Coyote, we work together to achieve success. With Coyote’s support we succeed and they succeed.

CoyoteGO is a simple, easy platform to use from start to finish, and our rep Jordan knows what works for us and for Coyote.”

- J.R. Abrams, General Manager, Skagit Transportation, Inc.


Cross-Border Carrier of the Year, Mexico: Texas Carriers, LLC

Texas Carriers logoOperating out of the cross-border hub of Laredo, TX, Texas Carriers helped more loads than anyone else in our network move in and out of Mexico in a tough pandemic year.

They moved over 1,100 inbound and outbound loads with strong on-time delivery and pickup performance, and they prioritized safety and security for each one of them.

"Working with our rep, Martin, is like working with a coworker who is in a different office. We feel we have someone in our corner helping us every step of the way, no matter the situation."

- Luis Tena Jr., Operations Manager, Texas Carriers LLC


Private Fleet Carrier of the Year: QuikTrip Distribution

QuikTrip logoWhen we move more than 10,000 loads per day, we have the ability to provide opportunities to not just for-hire carriers, but also to other companies who are looking for freight to maximize the efficiency of their private fleets.

QuikTrip, the national convenience store company based in Tulsa, OK, is one such business. They moved more than 1,500 loads with us in 2021 with phenomenal on-time delivery and pickup rates ­— both over 96%.

“We like that there are a variety of lanes available through Coyote and the convenience of being able to easily run recurring lanes that fit our business with auto-tender.

Coyote keeps our drivers moving and doesn't weigh them down with loading and receiving delays.”

- Steven Woodlee, Logistics Specialist, QuikTrip Distribution


Expedited Carrier of the Year: Load One, LLC

Load One logoWhen freight absolutely needed to get there on short notice, Load One LLC drove the extra mile in 2021.

The Taylor, MI-based company was our top-performing expedited carrier last year, moving the highest volume of expedited freight. They also offered the most tech tracking visibility, a crucial element of standout service when every second matters.

“We consider Coyote more than just a broker, we consider them a true partner.

All of their reps and offices are excellent to work with, but we have an especially strong relationship with Ryan Rusnak and the Detroit/Chicago Final Mile/Partial Expedited teams lead by Kyle Lane.”

- Nick Miller, Vice President of Operations, Load One, LLC


Dedicated Freight Champion, Large Fleet: A.D. Transport Express, Inc.

AD Transport logo

Canton, MI-based A.D. Transport Express used their impressive fleet of 478 power units to support some of our most consistent shippers with dedicated coverage last year.

They moved nearly 30 loads per day — more than 7,000 loads total — and over 97% of that volume was dedicated freight. And with outstanding tech tracking and on-time delivery rates, they were truly always there when we needed them.

“Coyote’s quality of service is high, and their response time is unequaled in the industry.

They truly have a team mentality. Their reps are personable, proactive and offer strong attention to detail even in cases of detention, equipment damage or short pays.”

- Ed Fogarsi, Director of Operations, A.D. Transport Express, Inc.


Open-Deck Carrier of the Year: Melton Truck Lines, Inc.

Melton Truck Lines logoHauling flatbed freight doesn’t just require special equipment, but a special commitment to service as well.

Melton Truck Lines out of Tulsa, OK blew away the open-deck competition last year, moving nearly 1,000 loads with us and hitting on-time pick-up and delivery targets more than 97% of the time. There was no better carrier in our network for moving that oversized and irregular freight.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as a Carrier of the Year from Coyote.

The Melton team appreciates our Coyote rep, Ryan Emery. Ryan knows the lanes that work well for Melton and our drivers. He also provides clear communication on the details we need for successful pick-up and delivery to provide quality service for Coyote’s customers.

It’s a valued partnership which we don’t take for granted at Melton.”

- Jennifer Moore, Inside Sales Manager, Melton Truck Lines, Inc.


LTL Carrier of the Year: Estes Express Lines

Estes Express Lines logoThere are many more moving parts in LTL shipping than TL — shippers, drivers, facilities, accessorials, movements of pallets and opportunities for damage. One LTL carrier in our network stood above the rest in navigating them all with expertise.

Estes Express Lines, headquartered in Richmond, VA but operating nationally, moved more than 25,000 LTL shipments with us last year. Their cooperative approach and performance across all KPIs made them our LTL Carrier of the Year.

"It's a tremendous honor to be recognized as LTL Carrier of the Year by Coyote.

At Estes, going the extra mile for our customers is our top priority. That's why we're so grateful for our relationship with Coyote, and for the way they have supported us in our mission to keep America's freight moving and take care of the people we serve."

- Rob Estes, President and CEO, Estes Express Lines


We Only Had 20 Awards to Give, But We Value Every Carrier

We’re delighted to recognize our 2021 Carriers of the Year for stepping up and standing out in a challenging year.

But we are also extremely proud of the work that every one of the 70,000+ carriers in our network did with us in 2021. Even as supply chain issues became national news, you all kept the nation’s freight moving with your hard work, commitment and expertise.

Thanks again on behalf of the entire Coyote Logistics team, and we look forward to an even stronger year working together in 2022.


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