Carrier Payment Options

February 26, 2019

Carriers that move freight with Coyote have the flexibility they need to get paid how they want, when they want. Our payment process is streamlined so payment is never an issue and carriers in our network get paid on time, every time.

Getting Paid Today

You just dropped off a load and need to get paid right away to keep cash flowing to your business. Now what? Coyote has your back. We offer same-day pay via T-Chek code for fuel or final payment with a 4% fee to the carrier.

Getting Paid Within 48 Hours

For carriers who want faster payments but don’t need same day, Coyote is happy to offer 2-day QuickPay or ACH deposit with a 3% fee to the carrier.

Coyote's QuickPay program, used in conjunction with the CoyoteGO® app, lets us download paperwork and create invoices in seconds. That gives small companies, like ourselves, time to focus on driving and customer service without having to worry about the headaches associated with collections.”

- Tony Vito, Owner of D&S Trucking of Michigan Inc.

Standard Payment Terms

Unless you choose either same-day payment with T-Check or 2-day pay with QuickPay, you will be paid on Coyote’s standard payment terms. If you don’t have a special arrangement with Coyote, you will get paid via check or ACH deposit within 30 days of Coyote receiving your invoice. For less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers, you have the option of being paid within 15 days.

Plus, carriers who have a login and submit invoices electronically are typically paid faster than those who don’t.

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