Coyote Rewards Carrier Performance with Easier Load Access

June 25, 2019

With more carriers competing over less freight than in 2018, finding the perfect load can be more challenging than it was last year. We know how much work it takes for you to meet the increasing demands and service expectations of your customers. Shippers have declared 2019 to be the Year of Service, and you’ve had to go above and beyond on every load you move to meet their expectations.

Consistently delivering excellent service requires a lot of your time, energy and resources. In a soft market like we have in 2019, there are even more obstacles for carriers to overcome. To help you, we’re rewarding high performing carriers with new features on our digital freight management platform that provide enhanced access to our large, diverse marketplace.

Introducing the Coyote Carrier of Choice Program

Currently, all network carriers with online load board access can use our website or app to see the Coyote load board and submit offers on the freight they want. We know how critical these tools are to our carriers, so we’re making the online experience even more impactful across the board. Offering new benefits like easier load browsing and booking, faster payments and intuitive tech solutions, carriers will find it easier than ever to get the loads that best fit their fleet. Now on and CoyoteGO®, qualifying carriers will have faster access to the loads and payments they rely on to keep your business running.

For high performing carriers that meet service parameters around electronic tracking consistency, meeting appointment times and volume of loads moved, we're taking it a step further. These carriers will be rewarded for their hard work with the ability to book loads instantly with the click of a button, see loads before other carriers and priority access to special projects, just to name a few.

These new features will be available based on our tiered rating system, the Coyote Carrier of Choice Program. You can see a comprehensive breakdown of these rewards and requirements for each tier below.




Everyone Wins

These new performance-based tech features were specifically designed to benefit both carriers and shippers. Carriers that meet and exceed customer service standards will be able to work more efficiently and faster by selecting the right loads for their fleets in real-time. Shippers can rest assured knowing that those who provide consistently excellent service have priority access to their freight. It’s a true win-win.

We know how much work carriers put in to meet shippers’ evolving expectations. That’s why we’re excited to reward our contracted carriers that go above and beyond to meet these standards for our customers with incredible new technologies.”

- Drew Herpich, SVP, Carrier Sales and Operations at Coyote

We want all carriers who haul with us to have access to these online load booking features, which is why they’re available to all that meet our service standards. Contact your Coyote rep today if you have any questions. Soon, you could have faster access to Coyote's marketplace right at your fingertips. Want to take advantage of the new carrier benefits?


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