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#GreenMeansGiveThanks: Inspiring Stories of Giving & Gratitude

Logistics never stops, even during a global pandemic.

Everyone — from truck drivers and dock workers, to transportation coordinators and supply chain professionals — is working tirelessly to help deliver critical medical equipment and keep shelves stocked with goods.

In this trying time, it’s helpful to take a step back from the news and share some positivity and gratitude.

With that in mind, here are just some of the many stories of generosity, hard work, and appreciation that continue to inspire us.


Load One Delivers Holiday Cheer

Load One, a 2019 Carrier of the Year award-winner, hosts a Christmas party every year where the cost of admission is something guests are happy to give: a toy under the Christmas tree.

While the pandemic put a damper on their ability to throw a party this year, it didn’t dampen the holiday giving spirit. Load One continued their annual Toys for Tots tradition and still collected toys for children in need.

For the past three years, Coyote Logistics has participated in Load One’s holiday toy drive. This year, Load One’s dedicated Coyote rep collected Venmo donations from Coyote employees and purchased 100 toys for Load One’s toy drive, which he dropped off last week.


Coyote Logistics delivers toys for Load One's toy drive


“Thank you to all the coworkers at Coyote that donated to Toys for Tots this year! Another thank you to the Load One team for allowing us to participate! Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all!" – Ryan R. of Coyote Logistics

Thank you, Load One, for keeping the spirit of generosity and gratitude alive this holiday season!


#ThankaTrucker and Front Line Works

It’s hard to truly express our appreciation for the unwavering work ethic demonstrated by global carriers and delivery workers. While this is true in normal circumstances, it’s especially admirable today, which is why we should all #thankatrucker:


“Laurence of Asia Europe Trade is constantly taking care of all the people she works with, communicating and executing perfection. It is a privilege to work alongside AET and with Laurence as a counterpart. They have been delivering a variety of goods needed to fight COVID-19, which is very inspirational and makes you feel like you are moving forward in the right direction with them!” – Alvaro C. from Coyote Logistics


“Rolando Garcia has been driving countless hours, day and night, delivering essentials that are helping our communities. Your hard work is a blessing and will never be forgotten. Thank you!”  – Teri Beeman of RDG Trucking 


"As someone who lives alone, our transportation and delivery workers are an essential part of keeping me stocked with essentials and more importantly - connected to the outside world. It's often a thankless job, but now more than ever we all should say a very sincere "thank you!"  Casey B. from Coyote Logistics


“Alexanders Transportation Inc. is an amazing carrier with an amazing work ethic! Rodney and his staff are extremely friendly and a joy to work with!”  Amy H. from Coyote Logistics


“Curt (from Curt Boston Trucking) is still on the road; moving freight and risking his health to keep our country moving forward. Thank you!” – Ethan W. from Coyote Logistics


“To all of the front line responders, our amazing network truck drivers, dock workers and more – thank you for risking your health and lives to help us overcome this disaster!” – Kurt F. of Coyote Logistics


“Day in and day out you all make the country run, and in times like this you deserve Thank You x10,000!” – Darion G. of Coyote Logistics


Coyote network carriers, thank you and know that we are on standby to assist you in any way we can!


Bayer Consumer Health Donates Medicine to Those in Need 

Bayer Consumer Health is doing their part to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company recently provided a significant donation of consumer health products to a food bank in Denver, CO.


Bayer Health Logo


To facilitate this donation, Coyote covered all transportation costs and leveraged their carrier network to move the shipment to its destination. 

Thank you, Bayer Consumer Health, for providing medicine to those who need it most! 


Thank You, First Responders, for Keeping Us Safe

Heroes don’t always wear capes, but they almost always wear uniforms. From doctors, nurses and healthcare workers to police officers, fire fighters and ambulance workers, first responders around the world are working day in and day out to save lives by risking their own.

The entire Coyote Logistics network would like to extend a huge thank you for all that you do for us!


 “My cousin is a doctor on the front lines of COVID and still makes time to check in on my father who is high-risk due to being Paraplegic. She has kids and a husband at home but puts everyone else before herself. She is one of the most amazing humans on this planet and I am grateful to call her family. Love you Lilz!” 

- Isra S. of Coyote Logistics to her family member at Northwestern Hospital


“Thank you to the Chicago Police Department for ensuring that our neighborhoods are safe during the Coronavirus outbreak, risking their lives and their families.” – Karen from Coyote Logistics



DFA Coordinates Donation to Those in Need  

Farmers are working tirelessly to get their nutritious products to those in need, and members of the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) — a cooperative of over 13,000 family farmers across the country — are no exception. 

Kirsty Northrop, of Lawnel Farms in Piffard, N.Y., partnered with her alma mater, Cornell University, and DFA to secure approximately 5,800 half gallons of milk to donate throughout Livingston, Wyoming and Genesee Counties. 

“It is hard for food banks and community organizations to provide dairy in food assistance programs. By bringing together many groups, we were able to do just that!”  

– Kirsty Northrop, Owner, Lawnel Farms 

To facilitate this donation, Coyote leveraged our carrier network to move the shipment to specific drop-off points and covered all transportation costs.  

Thank you to Lawnel Farms, Dairy Farmers of America and Cornell University for supporting so many Americans during this challenging time! 


Cheers to Neighborly Support

Maplewood Brewery & Distillery, a local Chicago producer of finely crafted beer and spirits, has been a cherished neighbor to employees of our global headquarters for years. From welcoming new hires to celebrating team wins, Maplewood has been helping Coyotes come together no matter the occasion.

Like many restaurant and hospitality organizations, the coronavirus pandemic has gravely affected not only Maplewood’s business but also the lives of their employees. To help support them, Maplewood started a GoFundMe in March. When we discovered the fund, it was only halfway to their $15,000 goal.

“Maplewood isn’t just a brewery; it’s part of the Coyote culture. The memories we have are too numerous to count! Now more than ever, we miss being able to spend time with our coworkers and our friends at Maplewood. Helping one another is what good neighbors do – we’re in this together.”  

– Christina Bottis, Coyote Chief Marketing Officer

One of Coyote’s values is to do the right thing, and we knew the right thing was to help our longtime neighbor by donating over $7,000 of employee engagement funds to help them reach their goal in order to support the livelihood of workers at this beloved small business.

Cheers to Maplewood Brewery for being such an amazing neighbor!


Coyote Employees Pay it Forward

Social distancing has not stopped our social impact. We are excited to share that the money typically set aside for employee engagement activities, including shared lunches, has been repurposed to support our local communities. In March, over $28,000 was donated to 15 local organizations across our network, including Meals on WheelsFeeding America, Ronald McDonald HouseChattanooga Community Kitchen, Oregon Food Bank and Atlanta's Open Hand.

We will take a similar approach in April by donating additional funds to community businesses in need. While we look forward to engaging as a team again soon, we're excited to use this opportunity to make a real difference.

In addition to collective giving, individual Coyotes around the world have also stepped up during this time of need! Some have elected to donate part of their paychecks to organizations like Feeding America, while others have helped to organize local efforts.

We'd like to share a special "thank you" with Kendall R., who led her MBA cohort in raising funds to provide 16,000+ meals to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which shares donations with hundreds of shelters around our Chicago global headquarters.


Thank you Kendall, and all of our other hard working and inspiring Coyotes around the world!



Tricom Transport Provides Exceptional Service

Two of our employees, Bill and Ryan, had a very special thank you for their friend, Christopher.

"Thank you for providing us with continued exceptional service, and for all the kind words you've shared. We always appreciate your hard work, honesty and the transparency that you consistently provide!"

Thank you for your hard work and continued partnership!



Kroger Lives Their Values Every Day

Kroger, the American grocery store retailer, is truly leading by example.

From working tirelessly to keep store shelves stocked with goods, to providing a Hero Bonus for their employees, to making hard decisions like limiting customer capacity by up to 50% to keep people safe – they are a company living their core values.

“A big thank you to our associates far and wide for doing all you can to feed the human spirit. The safety of our customers and associates is not only a priority, but a core value. We are honored to be here for our customers, communities and each other.” - Kroger

From your supply chain team to your in-store team, thank you Kroger for taking measures to help keep us safe, healthy and fed!



Can’d Aid Donates Clean Drinking Water

Can’d Aid, a national nonprofit organization that spreads people powered do goodery, has partnered with CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective to provide canned water for communities in need.

As unemployment surges and people struggle to make ends meet, Can’d Aid is making sure that places like Food Bank of the Rockies stay stocked with something people can’t live without – clean drinking water.

“We believe in the power of people. We believe humans are wired to connect, communicate and contribute. So, in the face of this global pandemic, Can’d Aid is working to adjust our efforts by finding impactful and authentic ways to do good.”

– Can’d Aid

Thank you to Can’d Aid and their partners for their extreme generosity, and we applaud their supply chain team for working so hard to help fulfill these vital orders.

Coyote is very proud to support your efforts through donated loads!

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Can’d Aid and CANarchy on the program and to learn how Coyote is continuing to support their inspirational efforts.


Performance Food Group Delivers to NYC

Performance Food Group (PFG), a trusted leader in the food service industry, supported Coyote by delivering 70 pallets of donated food to New York City, one of the cities hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

These much needed donations were delivered by PFG's private fleet, with The UPS Foundation graciously covering all transportation costs.

“We will continue to take actions to mitigate the adverse effects to, and support, our partners and clients in the restaurant industry during these unfortunate times."

Performance Food Group

Thank you PFG for supporting this admirable effort through both your food and your private fleet services!


CLAS Keeps Food Products Moving Across Europe

CLAS, a leading producer of Italian specialty food products, knew that during these times their products were more important than ever. Because it’s not just about keeping people fed, it’s about bringing people into the kitchen to enjoy some normalcy through the power of homecooked meals.

“At CLAS, we believe in the quality of the experience and the tradition that is renewed. Now more than ever, that means taking time for yourself and what better way to do that than by preparing meals. However, that also means being responsible. If you really have to go out shopping, do it with awareness!”


The entire Coyote Logistics Europe team would like to say “grazie” to CLAS for helping to keep store shelved stocked and bringing families together in the kitchen!

In return, CLAS had a very special message for their rep Ivana and the rest of Coyote:

“Coyote Logistics has just been the best during the coronavirus. You have always been there: ready to help with our essential transport needs, answering our emails quickly and on time, and providing shipment of our goods with prompt on-time deliveries. We know that we can depend on Coyote! Thanks to all, especially Ivana!”

– Gill Gilbert, Commercial Dept., CLAS


Thank You for Being a Friend

As social distancing has kept us all away from our friends and families, it’s helped us to remember why these people are so important in our lives. With that in mind, members from our network would like to thank their friends:


“Robert at Truck King LLC, you’ve continued to provide outstanding service through this trying time by getting water and various grocery items to warehouses and distribution centers within Coyote's network. You are also quick to crack a joke or share a story during our check calls to lighten the mood during these uncertain times, which is greatly appreciated and never overlooked.” – your friend, John M. from Coyote Logistics


Everyday, Ethan gives us comics to make us smile and laugh during this stressful time. Thank you!” – Liz Northrop of DJS Trucking Express, Inc


“Thanks Tony T., for always making me laugh and smile!” – your friend and coworker, Gabri from Coyote


“Thank you Joe W. for just being a good friend.” – Gabby M., your fellow coworker at Coyote


G&D Integrated for Recruiting to Keep Up With Needs

G&D Integrated, a 2019 Carrier of the Year, is not stopping amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, they’re actively hiring to meet the needs of today’s supply chain demand.

At a time when unemployment is on the rise, we applaud G&D for creating essential jobs to support people’s livelihood.

“I’ve always appreciated the men and women who work at G&D, and I’m looking forward to working with even more of them as they continue to move businesses forward during this difficult time.”

– Ryan R. of Coyote Logistics

To help support their efforts, Coyote recently sent hand sanitizers to G&D to help keep their drivers safe while on the road. We are proud to support them, and other valued carriers, in any way we can.

We just received a bunch of hand sanitizer courtesy of Coyote. Thank you very much for thinking of us, we very much appreciate your partnership.”

– Curt Fisher, VP Client Relations, G&D Integrated

We couldn’t agree more Curt, and thank you for your team’s continued hard work and collaboration!


To Everyone Who is Working So Hard

Professionals on all sides of the business are working hard to keep the global supply chain moving. Here are just a few of the special thank yous we received to recognize the tireless work of supply chain professionals:


“Thanks Ethan, for keeping the loads coming out for us even though you’re at home.” – Greg from Polar Bear Loads LLC


I would like to thank Irene and Nutkao on working hard and ensuring that even in these tough times, everyone can enjoy a bit of sweetness.” - Luigi R. of Coyote Logistics Europe


Crocs Donates Thousands of Shoes to Healthcare Workers


Crocs, already a staple in many hospitals, has generously donated hundreds of thousands of their shoes to front line healthcare workers who are spending countless hours on their feet to help save lives.  

"Our goal has always been to keep people comfortable in their own shoes and, in the face of adversity, there are certain individuals who need that feeling more than ever.

If you're a healthcare professional in need of our easy-to-clean, comfortable Crocs shoes, we've got you covered."

- Andrew Rees, CEO, Crocs

We’d like to thank Crocs for their extreme generosity, and we commend their supply chain team for working so diligently to help fulfill these urgent orders.

Coyote is proud to support your efforts with donated loads! 

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Crocs Global Logistics Specialist, Gregg Mau, on the program and learn how Coyote is helping support their inspiring efforts.


Load One Helps Ensure Their Drivers Stay Safe While on the Road


Load One, one of our 2019 Carriers of the Year, knows the importance of safety.

As the global pandemic began to spread, they took proactive measures to make sure the drivers of their 400 truck fleet had easier access to vital cleaning supplies.

“At Load One, we believe that the future belongs to those who deliver. And that starts with making sure our drivers stay healthy today.

We’ll do everything we can to support our people while they continue to work to keep us safe and strong.” 

- Brian P. Whitley, Load One

Thank you for your continued service and your commitment to helping keep people safe, healthy and fed.


UPS, #ThanksForDelivering Gratitude and Critical Supplies

Coyote has never been prouder to be a UPS company than we are today.

Employees from across the organization have acted quickly and heroically to make sure vital goods reach their destinations around the world.


UPS collaborated with Coyote and network customers like Uline to mobilize efforts in support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the U.S. government’s Coronavirus Taskforce.

Through closely coordinated efforts, we’ve been able to help with supply chain and shipping services for respirators, test kits and personal protective equipment (PPE).

"We are part of an amazing team, and situations like last night demonstrate what we are capable of when we continue to focus on having the inventory and the good people  with 'people' being the most critical piece.

Thanks to all of you, including our valued carrier partners, who worked through the night to keep America open for business!" 

- Brad Harper, Branch Manager, Uline

As UPS says, “We’re all wondering what happens next but we also know that together, we’ll find the way forward." 


Eastern Kille Distillery Shifts Their Operation to Hand Sanitizer


Eastern Kille Distillery, an award-winning American spirit producer from Grand Rapids, MI, quickly shifted their operation to hand sanitizer to address the nation’s growing shortage.

“You never think when you open a whiskey distillery that 4 years later you'll start making hand sanitizer, but that's exactly what we are doing at Eastern Kille now.

We fully transitioned from manufacturing spirits to hand sanitizer.”

- Steve VanderPol, Eastern Kille Distillery  

Not only did they step up by quickly adjusting their manufacturing operations, but they also helped out when Coyote needed assistance in sending care packages to some of our network carriers.

With a global shortage, this essential cleaner was hard for us to come by. However, a Coyote employee, David V. — knowing we had to act quickly — connected us with his family member at Eastern Kille Distillery.



We are thankful for the fast work of their employees, who helped fulfill the need for thousands of 8 oz. hand sanitizer bottles, which are shipping to some of our valued carriers as we speak.



Bett-A-Way Beverage Distributors Shows No Signs of Stopping

One of our employees, Ryan, had a very special thank you for the entire team at Bett-A-Way Beverage Distributors.

“Daniel’s team has been operating at 100% on-time delivery over the last two weeks hauling critical shipments.

Their drivers cross into New York multiple times a day making essential deliveries. They are doing a fantastic job for such an important cause!”

- Ryan R., Director Strategic Solutions, Coyote Logistics

Thank you to Bett-A-Way for continuing to drive forward. 


Hoptrans Moves Critical Medical Supplies 

Another employee, Cecilia, had nothing but praise for one of her international carriers, Hoptrans.

"Ugne Katelyniene and her team at Hoptrans constantly provide us the capacity we ask for, no matter how challenging the scenario might be. Her team’s commitment to grow together with Coyote is noticeable.

They are also strongly helping the Lithuanian government with supplies to the hospitals. Thanks for all the hard work you and your company is doing!”

- Cecilia L., Carrier Manager, Coyote Logistics Europe

Thank you Hoptrans for your continued hard work!


Men & Women Continue Delivering Supplies Around the World

One of our leaders, Christina Bottis, wanted to extend a very special and personal thank you to everyone.

"My mother is elderly and handicapped. Even on normal days, the work these people do is critical to her daily existence and quality of life. In a pandemic, I don't know what we'd do without them going to work every day.

I'm beyond grateful; it's like they're an extension of the family. Knowing my mom can get what she needs and delivered right to her door step is a blessing."

- Christina Bottis, Chief Marketing Officer, Coyote Logistics


Give a Thank You, Share a Thank You 

All of these companies, and countless others, are doing their part to keep us safe during an uncertain and disruptive time.

Coyote is proud to support their continued efforts, working in tandem with our parent company, UPS, to provide flexible, reliable capacity from its network.

To date, we've moved over one hundred critical loads of supplies and testing equipment to where it’s needed most.

Coyote is also committed to supporting in more ways than one. We’ve donated loads around the world and money locally to those impacted by the coronavirus, which adds to the UPS Foundation’s recent announcement of their $6 million donation.

"The coronavirus has proven that logistics never stops, even during a global pandemic.

As our network shippers and carriers step up to deliver, it's important that, as a global logistics provider, we support them in every way we can.

Whether through 24/7 customer service and capacity or through care packages for front line carriers, we're here."

- Nick Shroeger, Chief Network Strategy Officer, Coyote


From Coyote Logistics and the entire UPS Supply Chain Solutions family, our sincerest thank you for everything that you do.