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Peak Season Leads to 5x Fleet Growth for Coria Trucking

The more we started booking with Coyote, the more we started growing. We started seeing better numbers, started buying more trucks and more trailers. The rest is history.”

– Luis Meija, Dispatcher, Coria Trucking


About Coria Trucking
  • Fleet of 40 trucks and 110 trailers
  • Specializes in power only dry van
  • UIIA certified, allowing them to run freight to and from rail yards
  • Operating out of Riverside, California
The Challenge

Coria Trucking started out as a small fleet that struggled with securing consistent freight.

The Result

With the help of their dedicated Coyote rep, Coria has seen 5x the growth in just five years.


Q&A with Luis Meija

Coria Trucking started moving freight with Coyote Logistics during the 2012 Peak Season and they have not stopped since.

During that time, Coria has proven to be one of the most reliable carriers in our network. To better understand how carriers can grow like Coria did, we talked with Luis Meija, Dispatcher at Coria Trucking, about his experience working with Coyote.

Here’s what he wants other carriers to know:


Coyote: What was it like before you started working with Coyote Logistics?

Luis Meija: We didn’t have as much freight available to us as we do now. There was a lot less going on in general.

It was hard to get more freight because Coria was so small, and we didn’t have many contacts in the industry. We really struggled to keep everyone busy and running.


C: Can you tell us a bit about working with Coyote Logistics?

LM: Zach, our Carrier rep, always makes sure we have enough freight to keep our trucks moving. We love working with Coyote because you have a ton of freight in different cities and states.

There’s really opportunity everywhere. If we send someone to Reno, we don’t have to worry about deadheading back — Zach will find freight there for us to haul back.

Same with Phoenix, and almost every other city. Coyote is always on top of it. You always take care of us even if the market is slower.

"Coyote is always on top of it. You always take care of us even if the market is slower."


C: What results have you seen from working with Coyote?

LM: I’ve been working with you for the past 5 years and during that time we’ve grown a lot. We were able to access and move a lot more freight, which helped us to grow our fleet.

Back in 2013 we had 8 trucks and 17 trailers. Now, at the end of 2018, our fleet has 40 trucks and 110 trailers.

That’s growth that we likely couldn’t have achieved without your large network and support.


C: What has made you happiest about working with Coyote?

LM: Whenever we have issues, you always solve them for us. Other people we’ve worked with don’t really solve problems for us.

That’s not the case with Coyote. You can count on Coyote to solve problems and help. We always come through and help Coyote when we can, and Coyote always repays our good work.


C: How does Coyote Logistics compare to other 3PLs you’ve worked with before?

LM: We save a lot of time working with you compared to other 3PLs. With other 3PLs you sometimes have to call them to book loads, and that can take time that sometimes we don’t have.

Coyote makes it really easy to book loads however we want. Our preference is to just browse and submit load bids online.

We usually book 2-3 loads per day on CoyoteGO or we simply email our Carrier rep, Zach, who we can help us do it very quickly.


C: What would you tell another carrier that was considering working with Coyote?

LM: I would tell them to go for it. Coyote can give them access to opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise, and they will do right by you.



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