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From Data Dump to Strategic Shipping: How to Take Action on Your Supply Chain KPIs

Though logistics key performance indicators (KPIs) are an essential tool for monitoring and improving shipping operations, how do you know if yours are in-line with industry standards?

And how can you use them to drive your strategy?

Learn from KPI experts how to set, monitor, communicate and leverage your supply chain data, and get a deep dive on original research that examines what hundreds of shippers and carriers really think.

You can also download this original supply chain KPI research study right now. 


Presenters in This Session of the Q2 Supply Chain Master Series

  • Corey Ritenour, Senior Director – Transportation, Lindt & Sprungli
  • Elizabeth Goulding, Director, Operations, Coyote Logistics
  • Justin Thompson, VP, Customer Experience Strategy & Research, Coyote Logistics


Want to See the Supply Chain KPI Research Study?

Download The Study Now