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Does Your Boss Speak Logistics? How to Make Your Shipping Budget Make Sense

Freight markets can be difficult to navigate, and even harder to explain to someone who doesn’t live and breathe them.

Pricing and capacity are in constant flux, making it difficult to predict both rates and service. But your business absolutely depends on how well you can deliver, and your ability to deliver requires buy-in from the c-suite.

The better you can explain the market to your boss, the more likely you are to secure the budget you need to set a long-term strategy.

Get all the tools you need to explain the nature of the trucking market to senior leadership, procurement or operations at your company, or even just to brush up on the fundamentals yourself.


Nick Verceles, President, Sales and Operations, Coyote Logistics

Pat Campbell, COO – United States, Coyote Logistics

Rob Haddock, Group Director, Planning and Logistics, Coca-Cola

In this session, you’ll learn:

How to advocate for your budget to company leadership

Key market supply and demand concepts

How market cycles impact rates

Why your business needs to build a supply chain that can compete

The importance of taking the long view for your logistics strategy

This session was part of the 2021 Coyote Logistics Digital Summit. To view all sessions on demand, visit the Coyote Resource Center.

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