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Drivers Wanted: Using Data to Understand the Truck Driver Shortage

This original labor market research study brings data-backed insights around recruiting & retaining drivers, how it impacts shippers, and what's next for the trucking industry.

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Research Study Overview

Is the US logistics industry facing a dire shortage of commercial truck drivers? 

Truckload brokerage experts and logistics journalists have been going back and forth on the question for years. 

One thing everyone agrees on: drivers are indispensable to our lifestyle. They keep food, clothes, medicine, books, gadgets, and almost anything else you can name, on our shelves.

To bring research-backed insights into this important conversation, Coyote Logistics teamed up with Emsi, a leading labor market research firm, combining labor market data with on-the-ground expertise from logistics leaders.

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This original research study — cited in CSCMP's State of Logistics ReportJournal of Commerce, Logistics Management, Transport Topics, and more — examines the extent and shape of the commercial trucking shortage, the complications from the pandemic, and the possible steps toward solutions that benefit truckers and businesses alike. 


Here's a preview of the insights — download the study for full access. 

Get Data-Backed Insights on the Truck Driver Shortage

  • Size of the labor market for CDL drivers, including light-duty and heavy-duty
  • Analysis of competing labor markets, including warehousing
  • Number of job postings required to hire a driver
  • How COVID-19 has impacted the driver shortage
  • Key challenges to hiring and retaining drivers
  • 5 potential solutions to overcome these challenges