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People & Technology: Why Every Supply Chain Needs Both How to Balance

COVID-19 drove an incredible amount of change, seemingly overnight, and supply chains were front-and-center. Businesses had to adapt to keep their freight moving.

The pandemic drove digital transformation — it also highlighted the need for people. In uncertain times, two things are clear: having a superior supply chain is now a business requirement, and it takes both people and technology to do it.

Join global industry leaders in this opening keynote as they kick off the 2021 Digital Summit and discuss how shippers are delivering on this crucial topic.


Christina Bottis, CMO, Coyote Logistics

Jonathan Sisler, CEO, Coyote Logistics

Philippe Gilbert, President, Supply Chain Solutions, UPS

Chris Adderton, Vice President, CSCMP Steve Denton, CEO, Ware2Go

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How technology is shaping the logistics industry
  • Where people fit into today’s supply chains
  • What’s trending in the world of supply chain automation
  • What businesses need to survive in a post-COVID world

This session was part of the 2021 Coyote Logistics Digital Summit. To view all sessions on demand, visit the Coyote Resource Center.


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