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What' You'll Learn in this Q3 Truckload & LTL Market Webinar 

As vaccination efforts ramp up and COVID-19 cases decline in the U.S., people are starting to resume more of their pre-pandemic activities.

Pent-up consumer demand is driving a resurgent economy, but are U.S. supply chains ready to handle it? 

Uneven openings, start-and-stop demand, raw material shortages and shipping backlogs are adding up to a lot of volatility.

How will freight rates and carrier capacity respond? What can shippers do to put their business in the best position to succeed? 

Watch this on-demand Coyote Curve® webinar, featuring a special guest speaker from Old Dominion Freight Line

Get actionable insights from truckload and LTL market experts, and prepare your business for Q3 shipping. 

In this panel discussion, you'll find out:
  • Spot & contract truckload rate performance
  • If the economic recovery is impacting carrier capacity
  • How COVID-19 is impacting LTL networks
  • Ways to control your Q3 transportation costs
Learn from these Expert Panelists
  • Greg Plemmons, SVP Sales, Old Dominion Freight Lines
  • Sean Fahey, SVP Yield Management, Coyote Logistics
  • Dave Bush, SVP LTL Sales & Procurement, Coyote Logistics
  • Kait Parker, VP LTL Operations, Coyote Logistics

Get the insight you need to shift your over-the-road strategy for a post-COVID supply chain.


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