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Learn the Trucking Industry in 5 Infographics (Steal These for Your Next Presentation)

The U.S. truckload market is complex. There are hundreds of thousands of carriers and shippers — it's a lot to take in.

Don't worry, we'll help break it down for you.

Use these five infographics to better understand the trucking industry. 

Steal these infographics. Impress your colleagues.
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The $800B U.S. Truckload Market, in 3 Words

The market is big — really big — with nearly $800 billion in trucking revenue and nearly four million drivers.

Trucking infographic, size of the U.S. truckload industry


It's not only massive — it's also extremely fragmented.

Trucking infographic, the U.S. truckload market is fragmented


This massive size and extreme fragmentation create a marketplace where pricing and capacity are always moving. 

Trucking infographic, the U.S. truckload market supply and demand

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3 Cycles, 1 Complex Truckload Market

Now you know the basic facts of the trucking industry, you're ready to learn about the three cycles that control it.

You may be familiar with the first two cycles (seasonal demand and annual procurement). 

Trucking Infographic. Seasonal demand cycle and bid cycle.

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The third cycle is a little tougher to measure, but it's the key to understanding the industry. 

Trucking infographic. Market capacity cycle and the Coyote Curve.

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You Know the Basics, Now Become a Freight Market Expert

It's time to take your truckload market knowledge to the next level.

Use these four resources to deepen your knowledge, learn where the market is today and how to prepare your supply chain for what's next.

4-Step Course for Logistics Professionals:

  1. Read the full truckload market guide for logistics professionals
  2. Check out the latest Coyote Curve® Truckload Market Guide.
  3. Watch our most recent freight market forecast webinar.
  4. Download our monthly freight market cheat sheet.