WEBINAR: Q3 Truckload Market Forecast

August 5, 2019

Very informative! The Coyote Curve® illustrates exactly what we are feeling in the marketplace.”

– Transportation Manager from a multinational beverage company, commenting on the Q2 Update webinar.

WEBINAR: Q3 U.S. Truckload Market Forecast

Originally aired: Thursday, August 22nd, 2019



Are you unsure if 2020 is going to feel more like today’s market or last year's? Find out during our upcoming Q3 market update. 

Coyote hosts Chris Pickett (Chief Strategy Officer) and Nick Shroeger (Chief Network Solutions Officer) will discuss our proprietary forecasting model and where we project the market is headed this upcoming retail Peak season.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Q2 2019 and Q3-to-date truckload market performance

  • Whether or not truckload rates are rebounding

  • Adjusted forecasts for the high-volume months ahead

  • Surge capacity and high-volume shipping tips


Learn about market conditions from industry experts. 

Find out why last quarter’s market update received 5-star ratings from shippers and carriers across industries and regions.


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