WEBINAR: Q2 2019 Truckload Market Forecast

January 7, 2022

In May of 2018, the truckload market was in an inflationary environment of historic proportion. At the time, companies consistently moving goods were concerned with securing capacity and protecting their transportation budgets. To help gain a competitive edge many implemented “Shipper of Choice” strategies to become more desirable to carriers.

Fast forward one year, the market has been flipped on its head, and we’re in the depths of an extremely deflationary state. Current truckload supply now materially exceeds truckload demand, contract rates exceed spot rates and conversations will likely be migrating towards “Carrier of Choice” over the course of the year.

This market whiplash has left many asking: What happened? How low will the market fall, and how long until it bounces back?

As Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Pickett helps Coyote customers – both shippers and network carriers – navigate the volatile U.S. truckload market. With this in mind, he hosted a U.S. Truckload Market Forecast webinar on May 2nd.


  • What dynamics – including seasonal demands like Produce – move the market
  • How the Coyote Curve® “reads” the market data and indicators
  • Why the market is likely in its current state
  • What to expect for the rest of 2019

Watch the recorded webinar on-demand now.

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