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Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Download the Original Research Study

Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Driving a Smarter, More Sustainable Future

Original research featuring responses from global shippers



Companies are more focused on sustainability than ever before.

As the mounting effects of climate change continue to impact global supply chains, that focus will only continue to intensify.

Today’s supply chain professional plays a central role in developing and executing their company’s sustainability programs. They are tasked with finding smarter ways to reduce waste — not just cost, but also miles and emissions.

Whether they are preparing for conversations with company leadership about sustainable supply chain management, developing a new program, or advancing an existing one, it’s important for supply chain leaders to understand what’s happening in the wider marketplace.

Insight into how industry peers are approaching sustainability, where they are focusing their efforts, and how they are planning to advance can provide useful benchmarks as companies look to reduce waste in their own network.

This report details original research that will help companies start driving a smarter, more sustainable supply chain into the future.


Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. A Collective Call to Action
  3. Consumers Demand, Companies Respond
  4. Sustainability Is a Team Sport (& Supply Chain Is Team Captain)
  5. Finding Sustainability through Procurement
  6. Establishing Today’s Baseline
  7. Looking Towards a Greener Tomorrow
  8. Conclusion
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