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Moving Freight Across the Canada-U.S. Border: How to Avoid Truckload Shipping Mistakes

Every year, nearly 6 million trucks cross the Canada-United States border. But they don't all cross smoothly.

Accessorials and late deliveries can cost billions. Follow these 3 phases to keep your cross-border truckload freight running smoothly. 

3 Phases to Moving a Cross-Border Canada Truckload Shipment

Phase 1: Laying the Foundation
  • Establish the importer of record.
  • Set up your customs broker if you’re the importer of record.
  • Speak to the customs broker to make sure you have everything squared away.
Phase 2: Preparing to Ship
Phase 3: Moving Your Freight
  • Finalize your paperwork with the exact shipment details.
  • File documents with the customs broker.
  • Pre-clear your shipment with PARS/PAPS.

When the driver arrives at the border, the shipment should be precleared by customs, and the driver then passes through border patrol. 

That's it! Your shipment is across the border.

Once the driver has crossed, they head to the receiver for final delivery.

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