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Coyote Taps Into Just-in-Time Capabilities to Help Move Vital Medical Supplies Into Haiti

We take great pride in our ability to secure capacity at a moment’s notice for the most urgent shipments. We recently had the opportunity to step up and prove it when the stakes were highest.

Our humanitarian logistics team collaborated with several other providers and foundations to arrange transportation for two shipments of medical supplies into Haiti amidst their ongoing political instability and violence.

These shipments were complex and time-critical, and one of them was even dependent on maintaining consistent cold-chain coverage.

Coyote Helps Kick Off Two Vital Shipments

Since March 2024, the nation of Haiti has been embroiled in political turmoil that has displaced thousands of people from the capital of Port-au-Prince and led to the closure of the city’s international airport to nearly all traffic.

These dangerous circumstances have made it extremely difficult for necessary freight, including medical supplies, to make it into the nation. But creative public-private partnerships came together in the face of these challenges to find a way through.

The first relief mission we helped execute was a door-to-door shipment of cold-chain medical materials. We actually tapped into our final mile team to arrange first-mile transportation of these supplies via a refrigerated sprinter van for an initial intra-Florida move. From there, the team of LIFT Non-Profit Disaster Logistics, Sunrise Airways, Global Crossing Airlines, and Haiti Air Ambulance moved the freight successfully to the Partners in Health hospital in Haiti.

relief freight for Haiti loaded onto an airplane

For the second shipment, LIFT Non-Profit Disaster Logistics coordinated a group that included MAP International, Hope for Haiti, the United States Southern Command and ourselves to move two USAF C-130 aircraft full of medical relief freight into Port-au-Prince. Once again we got things kicked off with a contracted dry van truckload shipment containing 33 pallets of supplies from Brunswick, GA to Homestead Air Force Base near Miami, FL before the rest of the team completed the overnight move. 

In both cases, our ability to procure carriers with the special certifications necessary to access ports and government facilities was crucial to keeping these shipments on-time and on the move.

Shipping Can Save Lives When You Work Together

Thanks to all of the organizations who collaborated to make these two important shipments possible and to the hard-working members of our internal humanitarian logistics team who went the extra mile to get this life-saving freight to its destination.

You can learn more about LIFT Non-Profit Disaster Logistics, Sunrise Airways, Global Crossing Airlines, Haiti Air Ambulance, MAP International, Hope for Haiti and the United States Southern Command at their websites.

If you're interested in a future collaboration or need to procure transportation for a current relief freight need, get in touch with our humanitarian logistics team below.

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