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When “Just in Time” Matters Most: ServiceMaster Restore® Delivers With Power Only Capacity From Coyote

“When businesses reach out to us, they’re going through their absolute worst. Coyote enables us to be a trusted provider in these trying times so our customers know we’re always there when they need us.”

- Wayne Brooks, Sr. Manager, Logistics, ServiceMaster Restore

ServiceMaster Restore’s Challenge:

For more than 65 years, ServiceMaster Restore® has provided commercial and residential customers with cleanup and restoration services after natural disasters and other catastrophic events. With a franchise model supporting more than 800 locations in the U.S. plus additional locations in 14 countries, they deliver materials rapidly to help customers and communities rebuild.

The time-sensitive nature of their business means they’re always on the lookout for reliable power only capacity that’s consistently available on a moment’s notice without breaking their budget on bobtail miles.

Results With Coyote:

ServiceMaster Restore leverages the nationwide power only network we’ve built through our years of support for UPS Peak Season to get their restoration trailers where they’re needed ASAP — and we keep costs down with backhaul freight.

Coyote Services They Rely On:

Prepping for the Worst Leads to Successful Response & Restoration

ServiceMaster Restore prides themselves on being able to respond quickly when disaster strikes. Their business and service model requires equal attention to comprehensive preparation and the agility to deploy on a moment’s notice.

In the U.S., the company is structured as a set of regional franchises spanning the country. When a customer needs restoration or cleanup services, they typically go through their local franchise, who in turn contacts the Commercial Operations Center in Kansas City to precure response materials and transportation.

Some of the scenarios for which businesses turn to ServiceMaster Restore include:

  • Warehouse floods and fires.
  • Natural disaster cleanup.
  • Residential community relief.
  • Retail location closures.

The turnaround time for these service requests is extremely tight — in cases of flooding, for instance, they have less than 72 hours to treat an impacted property before mold sets in — and they need transportation secured rapidly to help both their customers and insurance companies avoid very real consequences.

To hit their delivery targets, ServiceMaster pre-loads trailers with response and restoration materials at their Kansas City Commercial Operations Center and dispatches them using procured power only capacity when a job comes in. They also operate an equipment rental program that can require step deck trailers to deliver heavier machinery to job sites. 

Take this example of a flooded commercial location:

  • The customer calls their regional ServiceMaster Restore franchise to request emergency assistance.
  • The Commercial Operations Center in Kansas City dispatches a trailer to remove merchandise from the store, a “drying trailer” filled with cleanup equipment including industrial drying fans, and a generator to power the equipment that must be moved with a step-deck trailer.
  • ServiceMaster contacts a third-party transportation provider to move the drying trailer and the generator.
  • The provider provides transportation for the empty trailers back to Kansas City to be restocked for the next job.

visualization of ServiceMaster Restore's service model

This model requires reliable transportation providers who can come through at any hour, in any lane with the drivers and equipment to handle these urgent moves.

Coyote Helps ServiceMaster Avoid Disastrous Transportation Costs

When your business provides services this crucial on timelines this inflexible, any missed deliveries can be extremely costly.

But there are also other associated costs that ServiceMaster Restore needs to be careful to avoid. Their reliance on power only capacity means they can be exposed to very unfavorable rates if they’re stuck paying for bobtailing or an empty mile backhaul. 

How do we help them serve their customers and protect their transportation budget? By leaning on the relationships we’ve built with thousands of carriers and shippers over the years.

We’re able to support ServiceMaster’s important work by tapping into some of our greatest strengths:

  • An extensive power only carrier network we developed in large part to support UPS’s annual Peak Season.
  • An open deck carrier network that provides access to all types of open deck equipment, from conventional flatbeds to step decks, RGNs and more.
  • Backhaul opportunities from a shipper network that moves thousands of loads per day with us to keep down the cost of ServiceMaster’s transportation.
  • Committed and capable reps who answer the phone whenever a call comes in and arrange for wheels to be on the road without delay.

They haven’t found this sweet spot of dependability and affordability with other providers, and we’re proud of the way we’ve worked together to keep their trailers moving to their crucial destinations.

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