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Managing Your Fleet: Carrier’s Guide to CoyoteGO

Taking the time to set up your profile will help you and your team get the most out of your CoyoteGO® experience.  

The My Fleet section of CoyoteGO for North American carriers allows you to:

Adding Your Team to Your Company Directory

CoyoteGO is not just for drivers — anyone that works for your trucking company can benefit from using our digital freight platform. That includes fleet owners, dispatchers, compliance officers, back office and billing personnel.

CoyoteGO accounts are given at the carrier level: one Motor Carrier (MC) number = one CoyoteGO account.

However, within each CoyoteGO account, you can have as many users as you need.


There are five different types of users available in CoyoteGO (more on these below), and the process for adding users will differ by type.

To add a new “Driver” user account, simply go to My Fleet then select Company Directory. In the bottom right corner, hit “Add Contact” and enter their information, including name, contact information and user type.

To protect your account’s security, user types with more permissions within CoyoteGO (Dispatcher, Dispatcher-Driver, Owner-Operator and Admin) must be added with assistance from our team. Contact your Coyote rep to add users from these four types to your company account.

Note: when building or editing a contact, there is a checkbox for CoyoteGO access. If you do not have the box selected, the user cannot access your company’s CoyoteGO account information.

This may be useful if, for instance, you have a driver you want to assign to a load, but do not want them to be able to see and adjust details.

5 User Types: Driver, Dispatcher, Dispatcher-Driver, Owner-Operator and Admin Settings

To give the best experience to each CoyoteGO user, there are five unique user types: driver, dispatcher, dispatcher-driver, owner-operator and admin.

Let’s look at what each user type can and can’t do, and how to set which user gets which type.

CoyoteGO User Setting Types


How to Set User Types

Only the Dispatcher, Dispatcher-Driver and Admin have permission to set or edit user types.

When a contact is built (in the Company Directory page), a user-type must be selected.

Similar to adding new users to CoyoteGO, the only user type you can manually update without assistance from your rep is the Driver type. To edit Driver users, go to the Company Directory, click the pen icon on the contact you want to edit, and adjust in the dropdown menu in the pop up.

To update all other user types, please contact your Coyote rep.


Setting Your Fleet Preferences

Coyote has a massive, centralized marketplace with diverse opportunities, projects and load types. The more we know about your business, the better and faster we can match you with opportunities that are right for your network.


In the Preferences section, you can designate all of the following:

  • Modes
    Truckload, Intermodal, Rail, Ocean, Air
  • Services
    Cold Storage, Cross Dock, Customs, Drayage, Lumper, Warehousing
  • Equipment Services
    Air Ride Trailers, Drop Trailer, Duraplate Trailers, Liftgate, Light Equipment (+46K lbs. Cargo), Oversize, Power Only, Road Train, Team Drivers, E-Track Trailers, ELD, Sprinter Van
  • Certifications & Licenses
    CARB, CTPAT, FAST, HACCP, Hazmat, Liquor Permit(s), PIP/PEP, TWIC, Tanker Endorsement, Double Trailer, Triple Trailer
  • Ownership
    Female, Minority, Service Disabilities, Veteran, Small Business, HUB Zone, LGBT
  • Available Equipment
    Number of Power Units and Drivers
  • Operating Authorities
    USA, Canada and Mexico
  • Dispatching Hours of Operations
    Set by Time and Day of the Week
  • Preferred Lanes
    Add in All Your Common Lanes by Origin, Destination, Equipment Type, Total Capacity, Time and Day of the Week
  • Payment Documents
    Access Forms for ACH Pay (Standard 30-Day) and Two-Day QuikPay

Your Carrier Scorecard

Get a high-level snapshot of your fleet performance to keep your finger on the pulse of how you and Coyote are working together.

You can also quickly check your status in the Coyote Carrier of Choice Program to see what rewards and benefits you are currently eligible for. 

CoyoteGO Carrier Scorecard

Set the date range for the past 7, 30, 60 or 90 days and view:

  • How many Coyote loads you’ve hauled
  • How many miles you (and your drivers) have hauled on Coyote loads
  • Your average on-time pickup and on-time delivery performance
  • How well your fleet is providing automated tracking updates

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