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Why CoyoteGO? 6 Reasons Going Digital Will Help Your Trucking Business

When is a load board more than just a load board?

When it also lets you negotiate rates, manage your fleet, secure payment and more, all from your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

With CoyoteGO®, our digital freight platform, you can streamline your entire process — from finding and booking your next load, to uploading PODs and getting paid.

Your peers agree: CoyoteGO has an average score of 4.7 out of 5 in the Apple App Store with more than 6,700 reviews.

Hear It From a Carrier:

“CoyoteGO is the best broker load board I have used. It’s very easy to work with to book freight!”

-U.S.-based carrier in the Coyote network


Who Is CoyoteGO for?

We designed CoyoteGO with multiple user permission settings so any member of your carrier team can use it in the way that makes sense for them.

If you fit any of the following descriptions, there is a CoyoteGO experience optimized for you:

  • Dispatchers looking to find freight for their drivers.
  • Owner-operators looking to book their next load.
  • Drivers who need to make a status update.
  • Billing & accounting staff who need to manage paperwork & payments.
  • Fleet managers seeking reporting on their load history.

Do any of these sound like you?

Then find out exactly what you can get out of CoyoteGO.


6 Reasons Why CoyoteGO Will Be Your New Favorite Load Board

1. Get 10,000+ Daily Loads at Your Fingertips

Every freight broker has a digital platform these days, but they aren’t all created equal.

Even the sleekest load board app can’t help you find freight if it doesn’t have freight to match you with.

Get the best of both worlds: A seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile and access over 10,000 loads per day.

Coyote is the second-largest third-party logistics provider (3PL) in North America, and the largest centralized 3PL.

CoyoteGO is the fastest and easiest way to access that freight and book loads from wherever you are.

CoyoteGO load board

Note: you have to be in the Coyote carrier network to access our load board. Not already in the network? Sign up today.


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2. Wherever You Want to Go, CoyoteGO Can Take You There

Are you tired of logging into a load board and sifting through load after load that doesn’t work for you?

We know you don’t have time for that.

That’s why we’ve made CoyoteGO’s Available Loads feature fully customizable to your needs.

  • Set up your search filters to focus on only your preferred lanes
  • View all the load details you need to make an informed decision
  • Get smarter matches and minimized deadhead with algorithmic freight matching
  • Store unlimited lane preferences to get notified on the freight you want the most 


CoyoteGO saved searches


Whether you’re a dispatcher looking to strategize the movements of your fleet or an owner-operator who wants to head toward home, CoyoteGO can get you there.

Hear It From a Carrier:

“The process is much quicker than other online portals, and it’s overall just a lot better to use.

All the info is displayed and accurate. No surprises come up after getting the rate confirmation like driver assist or multiple stops being needed.

When it comes to booking from online portals, I use Coyote's the most.”

-U.S.-based carrier in the Coyote network


3. Get the Rate You Want, How You Want To

Have you ever wanted to skip the whole back-and-forth just book instantly without any hassle?

Or do you prefer negotiating to see just how good a rate you can get?

With CoyoteGO, we don't make you choose — you have the freedom to either book now or negotiate. 

CoyoteGO my offers tab

  • Book It
    If you see a load posted with a listed rate that works for you, you can book it instantly. Simply click the green “Book It” button and you’ll be on your way.
  • Submit Offer
    If you’d rather negotiate, you can enter the rate you want and select “Submit Offer” instead. You’ll receive a confirmation of your offer instantly, and Coyote will follow up by either accepting it, rejecting it or countering shortly.

Hear It From a Carrier: 

“One of the best designed websites out there. It’s a fast negotiation and on point. 

Also, our representative is attentive to us, with fast communication and great customer service.”

-U.S.-based carrier in the Coyote network

4. Get Paid Fast

You’ve delivered your load — now you’re ready to move on to the next one.

You don’t want to get bogged down emailing back and forth about invoices and documentation to be sure you get paid.

Lucky for you, payment is a breeze in CoyoteGO.

You can upload all necessary documents — your bill of lading, proof of delivery, lumper ticket, pallet receipt, all of it — directly into CoyoteGO and generate an invoice once all the paperwork is in order.

There are multiple ways you can get paid, including several that are available in as little as 24 hours after submitting your invoice.

Learn more about your payment options.

Report all your accessorials, manage paperwork, and get reimbursed directly in CoyoteGO.


5. Speak to a Person When You Want (and Only When You Want)

We get it: Carriers are all different sorts of people.

Maybe you’re a dispatcher who appreciates a voice on the other end of the line to help you manage your fleet.

Or perhaps you’re an owner-operator who enjoys your alone time out on the road and you want to book and manage loads on your own.

No matter how many of your tasks you prefer to handle in the platform or how many you want to run through your rep, CoyoteGO has you covered.

Everything we’ve described above can be done self-serve through the platform. And if you have questions about any of it, we’re always here to help.

CoyoteGO doesn’t replace your rep — it supplements your relationship, giving you more freedom to work the way you want, on your own schedule.


6. Tracking That Benefits Everyone

It can be a tricky subject to talk about, but tracking is of vital importance to everyone involved with a carrier.

When it’s done right, it makes everybody’s job easier and likelier to be successful.

Imagine what it would be like to not have to deal with calls, emails, texts or chats from us looking for an update.

  • Dispatchers: you’ll enjoy more time in your day for more important work
  • Drivers: you can focus on getting back on the road.


CoyoteGO carrier tracking


When you (or your driver) is hauling a load for Coyote, your truck’s location is visible every time you check into the app.

Drivers have the ability to update their status and add any notes that can keep their team, Coyote and their shipper informed about the progress of the load.

And most importantly, we are fully committed to your privacy — we only track the truck when you are actively working on a Coyote load.

Already have an ELD or tracking provider?
CoyoteGO can integrate with your tools to make it easier for you.


Find Out Why Carriers Love Booking Freight With CoyoteGO

CoyoteGO receives rave reviews from carriers nationwide.

In fact, more than 2,800 carriers have rated the CoyoteGO digital experience a 4 or 5 out of 5.

Register for free today to see what they’re talking about.


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Learn how to get the most out of CoyoteGO with the detailed guide: