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CoyoteGO vs. CoyoteGO Premium: How Our Digital Freight Offerings Stack Up

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We’re excited to expand the CoyoteGO® family of digital freight products with our newest offering, CoyoteGO Premium® — a cloud-based transportation management system (TMS).

CoyoteGO Premium retains the convenience and easy-to-use functionality you’ve come to expect from our core CoyoteGO digital freight platform and adds a new degree of self-service control.

And like CoyoteGO, CoyoteGO Premium is 100% free to use and backed by our 16 years of experience as a leading 3PL.

If you’re already using CoyoteGO — and there are some great reasons why you should be — consider adding Premium’s self-service TMS technology and tracking and visibility tools to your tech stack.

And if you’re new to both platforms, find out which one is right for your supply chain.

CoyoteGO vs. CoyoteGO Premium

What Is CoyoteGO?

CoyoteGO is a free digital platform designed to help shippers easily manage their spot freight with us, both full truckload and LTL shipments.

Shippers sign up for CoyoteGO to instantly quote and book spot freight and they stay to use its convenient management and visibility features.

When to Use CoyoteGO
  • You want a simplified self-service portal for getting instant full truckload or LTL spot quotes from our network of 70,000+ vetted carriers.
  • You need a digital dashboard for tracking your spot freight, interacting with our operations team and tracking weekly fuel surcharge updates.
  • You want to rebuild shipments with a single click after you’ve already built them once.
  • You want to digitally generate pallet labels or Bills of Lading for spot shipments.
  • You want a user-friendly interface for applying for Coyote credit and settling invoices.
  • You want to see how carriers rate your facility in our library of more than 530,000 facility reviews.
  • You want to sign up entirely on your own and start quoting instantly.


What Is CoyoteGO Premium?

CoyoteGO Premium is a cloud-based TMS that gives shippers greater control over their network with powerful self-service functionality.

It applies the same digital convenience to your contract freight that core CoyoteGO brings to spot freight, letting you manage and monitor your network with flexibility and crystal-clear visibility.

You still get full access to all the powerful features of our core CoyoteGO platform. But you can use Premium to manage all your freight, not just shipments that move with us.

And best of all, like CoyoteGO, it’s 100% free to use.

When to Use CoyoteGO Premium
  • You’re not currently using a TMS or are unhappy with the performance of your current platform.
  • You want to control your own network from a single convenient digital interface.
  • You move enough freight volume to justify using a TMS platform, but you don’t want the expense of a full-on software as a service (SaaS) TMS or a managed TMS with outsourced labor.
  • You want to upload a routing guide and tender freight to your entire dedicated network from a single platform.
  • You need visibility into the performance of your dedicated network via a variety of different of logistics KPI reports.
  • You don’t have an execution platform other than email or phone for communicating with your providers.
  • You want to continue to have access to all the great features of our core CoyoteGO platform.

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CoyoteGO Premium Frequently Asked Questions

Does CoyoteGO Premium cost anything to use?

No. Like its original counterpart, CoyoteGO Premium is 100% free to sign up for and use.

How do I get started with CoyoteGO Premium?

We do require you to speak with a representative and complete an interactive demo before enrolling in CoyoteGO Premium. This is your opportunity to explore the features of the TMS platform and your introduction to the dedicated team who will ensure you get the most out of it.

But after this initial consultation, you can use the platform as independently as you like or continue to stay in touch for ongoing support.

Does CoyoteGO Premium include all the features of CoyoteGO?

Yes. All of our core CoyoteGO features — instant spot freight quoting and booking, load building and rebuilding, favorite lane searches, load management, accounting, visibility — are available in CoyoteGO Premium alongside the new TMS features.

How many users can I have for my CoyoteGO Premium account?

You can have an unlimited number of individual user accounts associated with your company’s master account.

Do I need to use Coyote as a freight provider to use CoyoteGO Premium?

No. CoyoteGO Premium is a carrier-agnostic, cloud-based TMS, and you can use it to tender shipments to any provider.

Do carriers in my routing guide need to be part of the Coyote network?

No. The routing guide feature of CoyoteGO Premium is fully carrier agnostic. You can tender freight to any carrier you work with, regardless of whether they are part of our network.

Can Coyote brokerage access the rates contained in my routing guide?

No. Our brokerage team is firewalled from viewing the rates you’ve agreed to with carriers for dedicated freight.

Can Coyote help me negotiate new dedicated rates?

Yes. One of the many outsourced supply chain services we offer is RFP management. We can help you run your next procurement event, evaluate bids and make awards.

Can CoyoteGO Premium integrate with other systems I currently use?

Both the core CoyoteGO digital freight platform and CoyoteGO premium can integrate with a number of commercially available ERP and WMS systems. Talk to our digital support team for more information about integrating CoyoteGO Premium into your tech stack.

What if I need technical support?

As a CoyoteGO Premium user, you will have a dedicated product specialist assigned to you to help you troubleshoot any technical issues and optimize your use of the platform.


Think It’s Time to GO Premium? Request a Demo

You’re just one brief conversation away from adding a powerful new cloud-based TMS to your logistics tech stack without the slightest impact on your transportation technology budget.

All you need to do is sign up for an interactive demo to get acquainted with the platform and start visualizing how it can meet your own unique network management needs.

Schedule a demo via the button below and get ready to GO Premium.

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