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Why CoyoteGO? 6 Ways This Digital Freight Platform Will Make Your Shipping Easier

Would your life be easier with instant quoting for truckload and LTL?

How about full visibility into your active and past shipments? Credit available at your fingertips?

Good news — you can could find all these things in one place.

With CoyoteGO®, our digital freight platform, you get access to free tools that help you manage your shipments on your schedule.

It’s easy-to-use technology when you want it, but always backed by trained logistics specialists when you need to talk to a person.

Hear It From a Shipper:

“Super easy to quote and ship. I love the simplicity, rates are great. What's not to like?”

-CoyoteGO User


Who Is CoyoteGO For?

Whether you’re new to Coyote or a current customer looking to supplement your relationship with your rep, you can make use of CoyoteGO. 

Shippers of all sizes can benefit from the easy-to-use platform. Whatever type of freight you need to move, at any volume or frequency, we’ve got you covered.

CoyoteGO is for businesses that want:

  • Instant freight quotes to help you compare rates.
  • On-demand access to the same tracking info your representative has.
  • The power to build and edit shipments without having to email anyone.
  • The ability view and manage paperwork for all your loads.
  • A digital supplement to your rep relationship.
  • Insight into what drivers really think of your facility.

Do any of these sound like you?

Then find out exactly what you can get out of CoyoteGO.


6 Reasons Why CoyoteGO Will Be Your New Favorite Digital Freight Platform

1. You Can Get a Quote RIGHT NOW

Tired of sending emails to all your carriers and waiting and waiting for them to respond with a rate?

There are no barriers when you join CoyoteGO — you immediately get access to our instant quoting feature.

The sign-up process is fast and 100% free — you can create your account and generate your first quote in a matter of minutes.

unlimited quoting in CoyoteGO


Not All Quotes Are Created Equal

The quotes you get in CoyoteGO aren't just from anyone either.

We use the real-time data of more than 70,000 carriers, 10,000 loads per day and over 15 years of historical data, all integrated into one centralized platform.

The quote you’ll get is one you can trust is an accurate representation of current market conditions.

Multiple Modes, One Platform

CoyoteGO currently supports instant quoting for:

  • Full truckload dry van
  • Full truckload refrigerated
  • Less than truckload (LTL)

For open deck, intermodal or committed pricing, reach out to your rep.


Start Quoting With CoyoteGO


2. Build Your Loads Fast and on Your Schedule

Did you get the final details of your shipment confirmed outside of regular business hours? Are you rushing to reschedule after a last-minute cancellation?

Whenever you need to build or edit your shipment, CoyoteGO is there for you.

The process is smooth and user-friendly. 


facility building in CoyoteGO


CoyoteGO keeps on giving even after you’re done building your load.

You can instantly download a pallet label or Bill of Lading (BOL) from the confirmation screen.

Always remember: If you ever want your Coyote support team to build your load for you, they’re more than happy to help.

You can also connect your TMS with CoyoteGO via API or EDI to automate load building and streamline tracking and document management.

Hear It From a Shipper:

“Very good step-by-step procedure to fill out necessary shipment info and receive quotes immediately.

I was able to schedule shipment and download the BOL immediately as well. A very easy website to navigate!”

-Verified CoyoteGO User


3. Stay Informed With Facility Ratings

Having an efficient, driver-friendly facility is key to getting reliable carrier capacity.

As a CoyoteGO user, you have the ability to view ratings for facilities in your network, generated by the drivers and dispatchers who are moving your freight.

My Facilities UI in CoyoteGO 2020 Update GIF

Carriers rate their experience at your facilities on a 1-5 scale, verify parking availability and submit comments to fill you in on the details.

By keeping an eye on your facility ratings through CoyoteGO, you can assess detention frequency, observe bottlenecks and make data-driven optimizations.


4. Get a Personalized Shipping Experience

CoyoteGO makes it easier for you to get your work done.

  • Once you’ve built and shipped a load with us, it’s saved in your account permanently.
  • You can rebuild it as many times as you’d like with the click of a button, and you can refresh your quote history to generate a real-time update for any saved load.
  • You can also save your preferred lanes to quickly generate additional quotes, even if other details of your shipment change. 

If you’ve been looking for a reason to take the plunge and create a CoyoteGO account, this is it.

PRO TIP: Every load you’ve shipped with Coyote, even those from before you started using CoyoteGO, are accessible on the platform.


5. Transparency to Stay Informed on Your Shipments

We believe in building trust through transparency.

That's why the tracking data you see in CoyoteGO is the same data your representative has access to.

You can view and update:

  • Pick-up and delivery information
  • Detailed tracking notes (including a map view)
  • Important documents
  • Current charges

You can also keep your customers informed with two ways to track without a CoyoteGO account.

  1. Share the secure link from the Quote & Ship success page
  2. Visit and enter the PRO or Coyote Load number.

That's it!

public tracking display with map


6. All Your Payment Details, All in One Place

CoyoteGO does much more than quoting and load-building.

It is your one stop shop for all aspects of your shipment, including all the financial details.

In CoyoteGO, you can:

  • Request and be approved for Coyote credit to cover your shipment
  • View all active and closed invoices
  • Make payments on your invoices


payment management in CoyoteGO to pay all your freight invoices


Invoicing and payment functions are available by simply navigating to Financials in the top navigation menu.


Join the 12,000+ Shippers Using CoyoteGO

Every day, CoyoteGO users discover new ways the platform can simplify shipping for them.

Register for free today to join them.


Create My CoyoteGO Account


If you want to dive deeper into CoyoteGO best practices for shippers, check out our detailed guide: