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Putting You in the Driver’s Seat: 15 Years of Carrier Support at Coyote

Jack Gerstner, SVP Carrier Coverage, Coyote Logistics, 15 year anniversary

Over the past 15 years, you have come to expect a lot from Coyote, and I take great pride in continuing to meet — and hopefully exceed — those expectations.

With your help, we’ve been able to grow into the second largest 3PL in North America, in large part based on the strength of service and a sterling reputation.

And we know that we are only able to deliver on those promises to shippers when you deliver for us.

My most important responsibility is creating a positive and productive environment for you to thrive in.

Coyote started with a commitment to creating a better brokerage experience, and that mission remains a core part of who we are today as we grow and expand in exciting new directions.

As I consider where we’re headed in our next 15 years, it is my honor and privilege to move into the role of SVP of Carrier Coverage, overseeing all U.S. carrier sales. I’ve been a Coyote for 11 years, and during that time I’ve learned how our business works from the ground up.

I truly believe my most important responsibility in this position is creating a positive and productive environment for you to thrive in — whether you’re hauling freight, dispatching drivers, handling billing or managing your fleet.

As our industry moves into a new era, I look forward to developing new solutions to keep you energized and your business growing.


Looking Back at How Far We’ve Traveled Together: What 15 Years of Freight Really Means

The numbers speak for themselves, and the story they tell is built on your success as much as ours.

We’ve grown from our humble beginnings as a Chicago-based startup to a global presence with moving over 10,000 loads per day.

In our first 15 years, we’ve:

  • Moved over 17 million total loads
  • Totaling over 1 trillion lbs. of freight
  • Which travelled 11.8 billion miles
  • In and through 72 countries around the world

This success is the result of all the hard work you've done — you and the other 70,000+ carriers that make up the Coyote network.

You've put the rubber on the road and traveled the long miles.

You’ve driven through the rain and the snow, sat in traffic, persevered through equipment failures and spent days at a time away from your families to keep our freight moving and the economy humming.

We are where we are as a company because of the reputation you’ve created for us through your hard work.

I can offer my appreciation in words, but I’d rather show you through the work we’re putting into making your Coyote experience better than ever.


Eyes on the Road Ahead: New Innovations, New Opportunities

When it comes to supporting carriers, I believe that good enough is never enough.

We’ve recently introduced several new features to our CoyoteGO® app that make it an even more powerful tool.

We want you to be excited to open load board, confident you’ll find your next load, be able to manage it seamlessly and get paid promptly and smoothly once delivered.

Here’s a look at some of our newest features that will keep you moving with purpose.

No-Hassle Reimbursement for Detention and Lumpers

When you’re on the road, you don’t want to wait to get paid.

We never want to be the ones to keep you waiting.

Later this month, to help speed up the process, carriers will be able to get reimbursed for lumpers and get their detention requests approved rapidly directly through the CoyoteGO app.

You will be able to request lumper reimbursement by simply uploading a copy of your receipt. You will also be able to request a lumper advance through CoyoteGO, with a T-Chek or a Relay code for applicable facilities.

You can also submit detention requests with the push of a button. If the driver has tracking enabled that shows they arrived on time and meets all other relevant requirements, we will process and approve your detention within one business day.

Updated Accessorial Policy for Clarity & Easier Approval

We understand how important trust is to you when working with a brokerage. And we know how important transparency is in building that trust.

For this reason, we’ve recently overhauled our accessorial policy for carriers in the US and Canada to clarify rates, requirements and processes for each load you deliver with us.

You now have an easy reference to check to see how much you can get paid for common accessorials (detention, lumpers, layovers, etc.) as well as exactly what you need to do make sure you receive it.

To improve the detention experience even further, we've updated CoyoteGO to automatically notify Coyote when a driver is at risk of going into detention.

Because of this, we have eliminated the requirement from our policy to notify Coyote 30 minutes in advance of detention for all loads picked up on or after September 23, 2021.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to which brokerages you want to work with.

We want to make sure you have a smooth and honest experience to keep you coming back to Coyote.

Find Freight Fast With Smart Matches

We’ve made it even easier for you to find freight in your preferred lanes from the moment you sign into CoyoteGO.

With Smart Matches, carriers anywhere in our global network can create a targeted search for with a desired origin, destination, equipment type, weight, and pickup and delivery times.

You can also choose to receive a regular email digest of all the available loads that fit your preferences.

We know you know what you want, and we want to save you time, energy and resources to help you find it.

Optimize Efficiency With My Smart Routes

Would you like to know a week in advance where you’re going, how many miles you’ll cover, what you’ll get paid and how you’re going to make it back home?

US-based carriers can now choose use the My Smart Routes solution to build weekly route plans that take drivers to and from their domicile location with minimal dead miles.

My Smart Routes is a perfect example of how we put 15 years of Coyote carrier data to work for you. I’m deeply proud of the way it kept carriers moving with consistent freight during the highly volatile COVID-19 pandemic, and I’m confident it can do the same for you today.


Win Big in Peak Season 2021

Peak Season with Coyote is better than ever this year.

I’m thrilled that we’re once again offering an opportunity for you to earn significant cash prizes by hauling holiday season freight in conjunction with Coyote and UPS.

In this year’s Peak Team Contest, we’re awarding up to $270,000 to driver teams who score highest in a system based on miles driven, on-time pick-up percentage and transit time.

When you work with Coyote during peak season, the extra work you put in works even harder for you.


What’s Best for You Is Best for Us: A Carrier-First Philosophy

The major lesson we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, both through our research and through own experience, is that logistics is at its most powerful when it combines technology and human expertise.

We’ve examined our corporate philosophy regarding carriers in light of this and determined that the best way forward is by using our powerful tech to support you, not supplant you.

We are leveraging artificial intelligence in our carrier operations to support a market-cost approach that prioritizes accurate rates and optimal lane matches over volume and gross margins.

When you work with Coyote, you can be confident that the pricing you see is competitive and that your carrier rep is equipped with the insights to serve you intelligently.

We’re Just Getting Started

I can’t thank you enough for 15 years of creating and upholding Coyote’s reputation for excellence.

You are the ones who keep our shippers’ freight moving, and you are integral to every success story and repeat customer we have.

While it’s easy to look toward the future anxiously, I choose to do so eagerly.

I can’t wait to see what we can do together in the next 15 years: how much freight we’ll move, how we’ll innovate our processes to make your lives even easier, and how we’ll work together to improve efficiency and sustainability across this vital industry.

About the Author

Jack Gerstner is SVP of Coverage, overseeing Coyote’s entire U.S. carrier sales group. He has over 11 years of Coyote experience, and has served in several operations leadership roles. In addition to his work at Coyote, Jack is an officer in the Naval Reserves, delivering logistics strategies to the United States Navy and joint forces.

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