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4 Easy Tech Tracking Options for Carriers

In today's trucking industry, shippers big and small expect real-time visibility into their freight's location.

For many businesses, it is a requirement to haul their freight — like it or not, real-time shipment tracking has become an industry standard.

But not every carrier wants to connect in the same way.

To provide you with as many opportunities as possible, we give all network carriers a few options to provide location updates during transit.

What You Get Out of Digital Tracking

There are a few important ways that signing up for digital tracking benefits you. 

1. Get More Rewards

Want to participate in Coyote's Carrier of Choice program?

To access benefits like discounted QuickPay, better payment terms and priority access to dedicated freight bids, you need to sign up for digital tracking (either CoyoteGO® or ELD connectivity). 

2. Reduce Unnecessary Driver Tracking Calls and Emails

Nobody likes driver tracking calls. We don't want to make them, and you don't want to get them.

With digital tracking, you'll reduce unnecessary update requests  — drivers can focus on driving, dispatchers can focus on dispatching, and your rep can focus on finding your next Coyote load. 

3. Access More Freight

Many shippers will not let carriers haul their freight unless they are able to get real-time tracking updates from pick up to delivery.

With digital tracking, you are able to book all the freight on Coyote's load board.

4 Tracking Options: Choose What's Right for You

You can choose from a full suite of tracking options to meet your needs and technological capabilities.

Choose the connection that works best for your fleet:

Coyote Logistics Digital Tracking options for carriers

Option 1: CoyoteGO

Coyote’s digital freight platform, CoyoteGO, allows you to easily search, negotiate and book freight on demand on any device.

In addition to finding and booking freight, the CoyoteGO carrier mobile app also allows carriers to provide location and status updates while in transit.

If you already have the mobile app on your phone, you're all set. Just log in and manage your load in the app, turn on location permissions, and no further updates needed. 

Important note: this only applies while your load is in transit — once you deliver, that's it, no more location updates. 

Learn more about using CoyoteGO.

Don’t have our app yet? Download it here. 

Download on the App Store graphic      Get it on Google Play graphic

Already using CoyoteGO to book and manage freight on your mobile device? You're all set.

Option 2: Transportation Management System (TMS) with Direct ELD Connection

Coyote can connect with your TMS system through a data aggregator or directly via an API or EDI connection.

Connect Via API

Option 3: Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Connection

With the ELD mandate in full effect, all drivers now have a compliant device in their trucks.

Quickly and easily connect your ELD to Coyote once, then provide your tractor number for the power unit you’re using for each load you're moving, and you’re good to go. 

Connect My ELD

Option 4: Driver Cell Phone Tracking

Drivers can receive a text allowing them to download an app they can use to provide location updates.

This method will not qualify you for the Carrier of Choice program.

Bringing More Visibility, Together

Achieving 100% real-time visibility across our network means a commitment from everyone.

We realize there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every carrier, and that’s why we’ve invested time and resources into giving you multiple choices to connect with us.

Please contact your Coyote rep if you have any questions.