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These Carriers Won $270,000 in the 2021 Peak Team Contest

For the second straight year, pandemic-era volatility made UPS Peak Season more challenging and unpredictable than normal — and “normal” for Peak Season is pretty challenging and unpredictable to begin with.

But for the second straight year, the carrier teams who hauled during Peak Season went above and beyond to provide exceptional service.

Your efforts drove packages the farthest and made sure they arrived safely and on-time for the holiday season.

We extend our sincere thanks to all who participated, but want to especially recognize three standout driver teams.

With one returning winner from the 2020 Peak Team Contest and two sets of new faces, here are the teams who earned the coveted grand prizes!


Announcing Your 2021 Peak Contest Winners

During the Coyote Logistics Peak Team Contest, carriers hauling Expedited Peak freight earned $120,000 in weekly cash prizes, and the top performers over the month-long competition collected $150,000 in grand prizes.

These three grand prize winners maintained the highest service, tech tracking and mileage scores across all contestants.

Without further ado, we are thrilled to recognize the winners: 

Let's meet the winning driver teams!


3rd Place ($20,000): Volcano Transport

“Chris, Jojo and the rest of the Volcano team are a pleasure to work with and have become such a critical part of our Peak Season success. Every year they impress me with their ability to grow while maintaining excellent service.

Congratulations to a great team of people that I look forward to working with every day!”

- Brandon, Coyote Carrier Rep

The largest carrier among our three winners with a fleet of 100 trucks and 166 drivers, Volcano Transport still maintains a tight-knit family feel.

Founded by Chris, a first-generation immigrant, the Arlington Heights, IL-based company approaches every load with a no-excuses attitude that has spurred their growth and success.

Volcano Transport has worked with Coyote since 2016. They have previously participated in the Peak Team Contest, so Jojo, the main load manager handling Peak operations at Volcano, wasn't surprised by anything they encountered this year. According to Chris, “We were in the family already.”

True to their collective spirit, they plan to split the prize money among “all the drivers, everybody” at the company, and they look forward to competing again in 2022.


2nd Place ($50,000): Boba Freight LLC

"Emily and Keith of Boba Freight are the perfect Peak Season duo. They are always a joy to work with and handle every situation with professionalism, hustle and positivity.

They are so nice to the tracking reps on the phones that I would get messages about how refreshing they were all Peak Season long.

I couldn't be happier for them, and they deserve this win!"

- Paige, Coyote Carrier Rep

2021 was not only husband and wife team Keith and Emily’s second year competing in the Coyote Peak Team Contest, it was also their second year driving a truck at all.

The two owner-operators were previously nurses, but as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated, they began looking for other options.

“We said, ‘Let’s try to do something else,” Emily recalled. “So we bought a truck and a friend of ours put us in touch with our rep at Coyote.”

They credit their commitment to punctuality to their success in the competition. “We just try to stay ahead of schedule,” said Emily, “so when we run into weather or traffic or construction, we’re not playing against the clock, not really racing to get to the next facility.”

With their prize money, Boba Freight is considering expanding their operations. “We might invest in another truck,” Emily said. “I’ll have to consult with Keith on that though!”


1st Place ($80,000): R&R Hotshot Services LLC

“You won’t be able to find a more reliable carrier than R&R Hotshot Services!

Year after year they continue to be one of our top Peak performers through their exceptional service and communication. They have an amazing team who are driven by their results and overall success throughout Peak Season.

They set themselves apart with their adaptability, proactive thinking and willingness to get the job done right.“

- Marissa, Coyote Carrier Rep

R&R Hotshot Services are no stranger to success in the Peak Team Contest. They placed 3rd in the 2020 competition and they entered 2021 hungry for more.

The husband and wife owner-operator team of Robert and Aimee enter the Peak Team Contest as a change of pace from their usual hauling.

“Normally we’re flat-bedders, so doing drop-and-hook freight is a nice way to end the year,” Robert said. “You run hard, but it’s easier as far as loading and unloading.”

Their biggest focus point that helped them move to the top of the standings this year? Tracking.

“Just checking in, staying in contact with Coyote as we’re running,” Robert stressed.

The pair haven’t yet decided if they’re going to defend their crown in 2022. “We might take a break and let somebody else win for a change,” Robert joked.

But if they do return, Robert expects the competition to get even stiffer. “Everybody’s figuring it out,” he said, “so it’s going to get tighter and tighter as the years go on.”


Thanks Again to Every Carrier Who Made Peak Season 2021 a Success

As we congratulate our weekly and grand prize winners, we also want to extend a special thanks to every single carrier who hauled UPS Peak Season freight this year.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

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