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CSCMP WEBINAR: Deep Dive into the Pandemic's Impact on the Truckload Market

To bring insights to its members during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and the National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council (NASSTRAC) are hosting weekly webinars with thought leaders from across the industry.

We are excited to announce that Chris Pickett, Coyote's Chief Strategy Officer, will be sharing his insight on shifting supply and demand patterns throughout the U.S. truckload market on Friday, April 24 at 11:00 AM CDT.

If you are a CSCMP or NASSTRAC member, join Chris Pickett and Rick Blasgen (President and CEO, CSCMP) for this 30-minute webinar. 




In this 30-minute webinar, CSCMP and NASSTRAC members will learn:

  • Current state of the Coyote Curve® (our proprietary forecasting model)
  • Balance of supply (carrier capacity) and demand (shipper load volume) during the coronavirus outbreak
  • Contract and spot rate behavior
  • Updated forecast of where the truckload market is likely headed over the next quarter




Not a CSCMP or NASSTRAC Member?

You can watch Chris Pickett share truckload market insights in this live panel discussion alongside Nick Shroeger (Chief Solutions Officer, Coyote), Christina Bottis (Chief Marketing Officer, Coyote) and Geoff Freeman (President & CEO, Consumer Brands Association). This free webinar is open to all. 

If you are interested in joining the CSCMP, you can learn more about their member benefits and how to join on their site.  

If you are interested in joining NASSTRAC, a division of CSCMP, you can learn about membership on their site