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The Home Depot Awards Coyote for Providing Excellent, Responsive Service

Coyote Logistics is proud to announce that The Home Depot has named us recipients of their 3PL of the Year award.

The Home Depot presents this award to third-party logistics providers who excel in responsiveness, innovation and disaster relief support.

This is not the first time Coyote has been recognized by the industry leading retailer — in 2017 and 2018, The Home Depot named Coyote a ‘Best of the Best’ supplier and their Third-Party Logistics Provider of the Year.

Through the Years, The Home Depot Trusts Coyote

  • 2017: 'Best of the Best' supplier, 3PL Provider of the Year
  • 2018: 'Best of the Best' supplier, 3PL Provider of the Year

  • 2020: 3PL Provider of the Year

All of these awards were created by The Home Depot to acknowledge their suppliers who go above and beyond to provide consistent service, no matter the market condition.


Home Depot Team awarding Coyote Logistics with Third-Party Logistics Provider of the Year

Coyote winning 3PL of the Year in 2018. From Left: Ron Guzzi, Sr. Manager Transportation Carrier Relations & Sourcing, The Home Depot; James Jacobs VP of Sales, Coyote; Michelle Livingstone VP of Transportation, The Home Depot; John Drake, Sr. Director Supply Chain, The Home Depot


2020 Disaster Relief: Supporting The Home Depot Amidst a Pandemic

Historically, Coyote’s disaster relief efforts primarily focus on weather events, such as hurricanes.

In 2020, however, COVID-19 dramatically impacted shipping patterns across the nation, and we pivoted quickly to develop a COVID-19 relief response plan.

We helped customers across our entire network — including The Home Depot — pivot their supply chains to keep their products and fleets moving.

In total, Coyote helped The Home Depot move 21,500 loads in 2020 to keep business moving, despite unprecedented conditions during the most volatile year to date.

Across our entire network, we coordinated:

  • 1,527 total disaster relief loads.
  • 6 million donated meals on behalf of families impacted by COVID-19.
  • More than 660 daily shipments to grocery stores.
  • 4,948 daily food and beverage loads.
  • 817 daily consumer packaged goods (CPG) shipments.


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Innovating Through the Years With The Home Depot

Coyote and The Home Depot team have a relationship that goes back over a decade. Early on, we worked with them on critical spot, backup and hurricane support.

To this day, we continue to help The Home Depot when extreme weather hits and critical supplies need to be stocked in stores around the affected areas.

As The Home Depot’s hurricane response efforts have grown, so has the support that Coyote has provided across their supply chain.

According to James Jacobs, Vice President of Sales at Coyote, we constantly evolve with their business. As they grow, Coyote grows, continuing to support them as they adapt their supply chain for continued success.

Since Coyote started working with The Home Depot, we’ve expanded to providing multi-modal solutions — supporting everything from private fleet to flatbed.

“We challenge each other to do better. If they need support on-site at their Hurricane Command Center, we’re there to help 24/7.

If there is an issue somewhere in their supply chain, we work with them to help resolve it and find a better solution for next time.”

James Jacobs, VP Sales, Coyote Logistics


Stronger Together

Coyote has been recognized across the industry as a global leader in third-party logistics (3PL), but it’s the awards from our network customers (and carriers) that truly mean the most to us.

We prioritize building and maintaining relationships, which also means prioritizing a high level of service and expertise.

As customer demands continue to increase the speed and complexity of the freight industry, we will continue to provide not just capacity support across modes, but also the data intelligence and custom solutions needed to support the growth of our shippers.

We’d like to thank The Home Depot for honoring us among their top suppliers (once again), and for the decade of work we’ve proudly accomplished together.


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