Podcast: Network of the Future (Artificial Intelligence)

August 29, 2019 UPS

By 2020, we’ll have more conversations with bots than our own spouses. With the growth of artificial intelligence, the line between human and machine is getting so blurry you might not even know you’re talking to a bot.

Sounds scary, right? Well, putting aside pop culture fears, this is where the world is heading. And it’s an exciting opportunity for the logistics industry and companies looking for innovative ways to better serve their customers.


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Derek BantaKatie Duffy HeadshotDerek Banta and Katie Duffy are at the forefront of UPS efforts to build AI into package delivery. In the first episode of a four-part podcast series, Network of the Future, the UPSers will separate fact from fiction on AI -- pulling back the curtain on the technology and breaking down what it really means for forward-looking businesses.

"The average human is supposed to be able to speak up to 150 words per minute, but only type on average 40 words per minute. So, this whole idea that we're going to use conversation as a platform to engage with our customers is just the next logical leap.”

– Katie Duffy, UPS Applications Architect

They'll explain the origin of the UPS chatbot, illuminate the relationship between AI and language, predict the future of artificial intelligence and provide their personal Holy Grail for the technology.

Is the human touch always better? How has AI changed their buying habits? And could we one day send a package emoji to a chatbot to initiate a delivery?

"I've got to be honest that when given the option, I think if someone said you can either talk to a machine or talk to a human, I would probably defer to the human.”

They'll explore these questions and more in the inaugural episode of Longitudes Radio, the first of many discussions on trends shaping the world of today and tomorrow.

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