Understanding the U.S. Truckload Market

April 17, 2019

The U.S. truckload market is vast, fragmented and dynamic. The constant rebalancing of supply (carriers) and demand (shipper load volume) creates a volatile rate and capacity environment that can feel chaotic. To effectively navigate the market’s continual ebbs and flows, you first need to understand how it’s structured, the players involved and forces that characterize it.

In Part I of the Coyote Curve series, we:

  • Outline the basic structure of the U.S. truckload market.
  • Explain the three market cycles (seasonal demand, annual procurement and capacity).
  • Introduce the Coyote Curve, our proprietary model for forecasting truckload market behavior.

If you’re interested in learning more, download the free guide.

To see Coyote's Chief Strategy Officer Chris Pickett present the Coyote Curve and discuss our Q2 forecast, watch the free webinar on demand. 


Watch the Q2 Webinar On Demand 


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Explaining the Coyote Curve Forecasting Model

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The Coyote Curve 101: Video

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