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14 Reasons to Love Working in Logistics

Logistics, transportation and supply chain management affect so many aspects of our day-to-day lives. Without logistics, how would manufacturers get the necessary parts for their latest smartphone to their production facilities? Or get the new smartphones to retail stores once they're built? What about the stylish cases owners put their new smartphones in to keep them safe?

In the spirit of celebrating this industry that's so critical to our everyday lives, we are sharing what Coyote loves about logistics for through the voices of some of our valued employees, shippers and network carriers.


We love:

1. The hardworking people that drive our industry.

“Coyote’s success is entirely the result of the talent and dedication of our people. The hard work and passion our people put into the service of our customers and carriers is foundational to our culture." 

Jorge Diaz, Chief People Officer, Coyote


2. The close-knit community that brings us together. 

"Over the years I've become so close with one of the carriers I work with, Rupe, that he invited me to his wedding in California, where we met in person for the first time. Our relationship continues to grow from the rock-solid foundation we established years ago."

  Travis Johnson, Carrier Sales Representative, Coyote


3. The data available to guide strategy. 

“We are going to continue to leverage our years’ worth of historical and proprietary data to predict where the market is going. By aligning ourselves with our customers, we are guiding them through the peaks and troughs of the market.” 

 Scott Schara, Chief Commercial Officer, Coyote


"Coyote's goal with quarterly market updates is to help both shippers and carriers understand where we are in the market cycle, where the data shows us it's headed in the near future and what they can do to position themselves for success no matter the market condition." 

– Chris Pickett, Chief Strategy Officer, Coyote


4. The technology that keeps us innovating. 

"By integrating proprietary technology solutions at critical stages throughout the shipping process, from quoting through settlement, we foster a better experience for all users.” 

 Sean Gill, Manager, IT Solutions, Coyote


"While technological innovation is critical to keep up with changing market demands, we know it's not enough on its own you also need the skilled people who can use and advance the technology to make it valuable for our customers." 

– Jonathan Sisler, Chief Executive Officer, Coyote


5. The ample opportunity for growth. 

“The more we started booking with Coyote, the more we started growing. We started seeing better numbers, started buying more trucks and more trailers. The rest is history.” 

 Luis Meija, Dispatcher, Coria Trucking


"Hard work pays off especially well in logistics – with bountiful career opportunities, earnings potential and the chance to have fun while working." 

– Maggie Neill, Sales Director, Coyote


6. The creative collaboration that leads to new ideas. 

“By listening to the customer’s pain points, we were able to collaborate and bring a customized solution that allowed our team to do what we do best: in this case, cross-border freight. And, we allowed our customer to focus on what they do best: manufacturing coolers and drinkware.”

– Kyle Toombs, Director of Customer Sales, Coyote


7. The unity that keeps us thriving together. 

"One entity can’t do it. It’s a three-party operation – the carrier, Coyote and the customer. When we all work together, there’s nothing we can’t overcome.” 

 Rami Madan, Owner, Madan Logistics


"Our business has grown into what it is today because of the relationships we've formed with our clients and our network of solutions providers relationships built on respect, honesty and proactive communication." 

– Jonathan Fischer and Amanda Zawtocki, Northstar Recycling


8. The satisfaction in solving new challenges.  

"We were a regionally based logistics organization that was reliant on our carrier base to provide us data and analytics. Fast forward to today, we have meaningful data tracking, good understanding of where the market is, much better visibility to market pricing and a strategically aligned carrier base.”

– Brandon Kirk, Director of Logistics, Pregis


9. The work relationships that turn into friendships.  

“My journey at Coyote has been filled with people who genuinely care about my development and well-being both professionally and personally. That, coupled with a positive, energetic environment, is the reason I love working at Coyote.” 

 Jayme Clarke, Director, Carrier Network Solutions, Coyote


10. The flexibility to create the life you want.  

“I’ve been given the opportunity to have the balance of an amazing career and a positive, happy home life. Working in logistics has opened new doors, presented challenges and allowed me to work with some of the best in the business, for all of which I’m forever grateful.” 

Amy Savino, Senior Manager, Rep Development, Coyote


11. The dedicated reps that know you and your business.  

“Simoni speaks daily with us – she knows exactly what we need and how to help. Having a single point of contact is one of the best things about working with Coyote.” 

 Mario, BE-TRANS


12. The balance of people and technology that lets you ship smarter.  

“Our mission remains to provide the best service experience possible as we work to create solutions for our customers’ problems.” 

 Brian Work, Chief Technology Officer, Coyote 


13. The ability to ship how, when and where you want.  

“Our dispatchers book spot loads on digital channels (CoyoteGO®) which makes it easy for us to find what need quickly. Since Q3 2018, we’ve increased our digital booking with Coyote by over 450%.” 

 Dustin Vock, Director of Business Development, Meiborg Brothers


14. The innovative solutions that serve both sides of the market.  

“Our goal is to transform the supply chain industry with innovative solutions that solve existing problems for both carriers and shippers. We accomplish this by understanding industry trends, leveraging existing networks and empowering our people to build solutions customized to your business.” 

 Nick Shroeger, Chief Solutions Officer, Coyote


Most of all, we love working with all of you.

We know that nothing moves in this industry without our dedicated employees, our hardworking network carriers and our committed customers. Thank you for everything you do to keep goods moving and relationships growing.