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Congratulations to the 2019 Carriers of the Year


Meeting customers' constantly increasing demands is no easy task. Despite a challenging year for carriers in terms of freight volume and spot rates, many in our network continued to raise the bar.

To reward these top performers, we launched the Carrier of Choice Program in July 2019.


Qualifying carriers are eligible for:

  • Expanded booking tools in CoyoteGO® 
  • Faster payment terms
  • Discounted QuickPay fees
  • Priority access to bids for dedicated lanes and special projects


Among the top performers, nine carriers went above and beyond, providing top-tier KPI performance while hauling a lot of Coyote freight.

To recognize and honor their commitment to excellence, we proudly announced the 2019 Carriers of the Year on February 6, 2020. Below we highlight each carrier and get their advice on becoming an award-winning business.


Congratulations to these outstanding carriers!


2019 Carriers of the Year: 9 Award Recipients 

American Dream Logistics

American Dream Logistics started working with Coyote during the 2017 UPS Peak Season and has experienced explosive growth ever since. By leveraging a strong relationship with their Coyote rep, Carlos, American Dream moves as many as 600 loads per month with Coyote.

"Winning Carrier of the Year means a lot to our staff and shows that our teamwork pays off. Honest customer service and giving our customers visibility into shipment status is really important to us, and Coyote gives us multiple platforms to achieve those goals.

Our trucks and drivers are always in good hands with our rep, Carlos. Plus, we love using CoyoteGO® to manage our billing and day-to-day operations with Coyote.

If Coyote wins, American Dream wins! We win together." 

- Bik Pannu, American Dream Logistics


AmeriFreight, Inc.

Equipped with a team of global dispatchers, AmeriFreight works with their Coyote rep, Devin, along with the CoyoteGO® platform to book and successfully manage each freight haul around-the-clock.

"Thank you to Coyote for giving us the chance to tap into our potential. The CoyoteGO® platform makes it easy for our dispatchers to quote and book loads in real-time, handle the freight and service it well. Our Coyote rep, Devin, is honest and a true professional. He tries to help us succeed however you can."

- Jason Stoykov, AmeriFreight


AMR Transport, LLC

Owner-operator of the year, Asllan of AMR Transport travels the country with his wife, Silvana. His Coyote rep, Taylor, has described Asllan as "very by the book". He is someone Taylor depends on to get the job done every time.

Asllan prefers booking freight online and tapping Taylor for support when he needs it.

"Our best advice for becoming an award-winning carrier is to commit to the work you do. Coyote makes it easy to book loads and negotiate prices quickly through their CoyoteGO® app, which saves us a lot time being able to bid and get offers quickly. Our Coyote rep, Taylor, is a great communicator. We can depend on him to get us the right answers quickly."

- Asllan Rrapaj, AMR Transport


G&D Integrated

With a fleet of more than 400 trucks, G&D Integrated only moved three loads a month when they started working with Coyote.

Through a combination of excellent service and a strong relationship with multiple teams at Coyote, they now haul more than 250 loads per month for a variety of key shippers in our network.

"G&D Integrated is very proud that our continued focus on visibility, reliability and service was recognized by Coyote for this award. As an asset based company, direct customer relationships are our first choice but Coyote’s operating model has proven to be one of partnership with its carrier base as opposed to transactional business. We very much appreciate that relationship and look forward to growing it in the future."

Curt Fisher, G&D Integrated


Justin Time Transportation, LLC

Working with their Coyote rep, Karl, Justin Time Transportation utilizes Coyote's freight network to position their trucks toward their direct customers.

According to Karl, Justin Time provides excellent communication and a high level of integrity that proves time and again they are committed to their Coyote relationship.

"Justin Time Transportation is honored to be recognized as a 2019 Coyote Carrier of the Year. Coyote has become a key part of our operation. In the Temperature Control market, service is critical. Working in conjunction with them, we have been able to drive efficiency in our network, increasing the level of service and cost optimization that we deliver to our customers to new heights.

Karl and the rest of the Coyote team are truly an extension of our own operations. They know exactly what fits into our network and work hard every day to fill those needs, which has allowed us to focus on expanding our fleet size and geographical footprint. They are truly a great partner!”

- Justin Smith, Justin Time Transportation


Load One, LLC

Based out of Taylor, MI, Load One has a fleet of well over 400 trucks. Their Coyote rep, Frank, described Load One as, "dedicated to providing top-notch service on some of Coyote's hottest freight."

In addition to hauling Coyote loads, Load One has also given facility tours to new Coyote employees as part of our rigorous training program.

“We have truly valued the partnership with Coyote and are honored with this recognition! Load One has always focused in providing our customers with the BEST in overall Service Quality time and time again coupled with industry leading technology. Coyote has shared these same values which has only fostered our continued growth together.”

- Brian P. Whitley, Load One


Mitchener Transport

A family owned company with 12 trucks, Mitchener Transport runs multiple modes and has operated many contractually dedicated lanes with Coyote.

Their rep, Christian, attributes Mitchener's success to good communication, reliability and flexibility in changing market conditions.

"We are a very small company in an extremely competitive industry that is always changing. Providing the very best service to our customers and developing strong business relationships is what keeps our wheels turning. 

We take pride in being a reliable choice for all of our customers’ transportation needs. Coyote’s commitment to excellence and dedication to its carrier partners has helped our partnership continue to grow stronger."

- Robbie Mitchener, Mitchener Transport


National Transportation Services, Inc.

After starting as a drayage carrier helping with Coyote's intermodal freight, National Transportation Services looked to grow into full truckload, using Coyote as their main 3PL.

Their Coyote rep, Dylan, believes they are successful due to excellent communication and strong collaboration with multiple teams within Coyote.

"It's simple and easy to book loads with Coyote's online platform. Our rep, Dylan, is awesome when it comes to issues or problems with our loads."

- Guri Bhathal, National Transportation Services


Terko Express LLC

Antonio, owner of Terko Express, started in the transportation industry as an owner-operator for another carrier before deciding to branch out on his own.

Starting with two trucks, Terko Express worked with Coyote rep, Matt, a strong work ethic and excellent communication to grow his business to seven trucks. 

"Terko Express LLC is a very small company with drivers who have more than 20 years of experience, and it's because of them that we received this recognition. Our reps Matt and Adam also have a big roll in this, they are very professional and we can count on them every time we need something. We look forward to keep growing and continue working with Coyote."

- Antonio Cardenas, Terko Express LLC


9 Award Winners, Thousands of Great Carriers

Thank you to the 2019 Carriers of the Year for your commitment to excellence. We are thrilled to have you in our network and are looking forward to many more years of collaboration together.

Thank you also to the hundreds of carriers who participate in the Coyote Carrier of Choice program, and the thousands of carriers in our network.

Together, all of you help haul our shippers' freight day in, day out. We couldn't do any of it without you. 


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