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Chicago Den Named One of Chicago Inno's 25 Stunning Chicago Tech Offices

Chicago Inno has named Coyote to its list of 25 Stunning Chicago Tech Offices Designed by Chicago Firms.

To design Coyote’s 150,000-square-foot space in Chicago’s Green Exchange, we turned to Partners by Design, which executed Coyote cofounders Jeff and Marianne Silver’s vision to create an open, collaborative space that fueled the company’s energy and fostered Coyote’s No Excuses culture.

Coyotes often retreat to the Green Exchange’s fifth floor, fondly referred to as the Den, an 11,000-square-foot lounge space with views of the Chicago skyline and the Green Exchange’s green rooftop garden. The Den features recyclable, environmentally friendly materials, such as deconstructed shipping pallets, concrete floors, and tables made from reclaimed wood from trees in Lake Bluff, Illinois.

In addition to this recognition by Chicago Inno, which covers Chicago tech, startups, innovation, and more, Coyote’s Den was recently featured by Blue Sky Innovation, Inc., and Crain’s Chicago Business, to name a few.