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5 Benefits of Hauling UPS Peak Season Freight

UPS Peak Season kicks off in early November as retailers gear up for the holiday shopping season.

As a UPS company, carriers in the Coyote network have unique access to UPS Peak loads.

Every year, carriers get more opportunities by leveraging our Peak Season opportunities, such as jump-starting their trucking companygrowing their fleet 5X and moving as many as 800 trailer loads in one month.


5 Reasons Carriers Love UPS Peak Freight

Beyond the proven track record of success during Peak, carriers love participating in Peak for five key reasons:

1) More Available Freight

Carriers in the Coyote network normally have access to 10,000+ loads per day — during UPS Peak season, that number jumps to more than 12,000 loads per day on average.

In addition to UPS, Coyote has over 14,000 other shippers with holiday season freight needs, resulting in an influx opportunities.

Coyote's daily available load count increases by as much as a 20% during Peak Season.

2) Virtually No Wait Times

Most Peak loads are power-only with pre-loaded, drop trailers, eliminating costly and disruptive wait times. Less time waiting means more time on the road.

3) 24/7 Specialized Coyote Support

Carriers have access to a special 24/7 Peak support team at Coyote, so you and your drivers have expert help a call away.

4) Streamlined Technology Toolbox

CoyoteGO® makes it easy to track and invoice all Peak loads.

We use an exception management system, along with electronic truck tracking, drastically reducing the number of check-in calls with drivers.

5) Single & Team Driver Opportunities

Do you or your drivers want to be home around the holidays? We offer four different types of Peak runs: local and expedited

Local runs are perfect for individual drivers who want to make shorter distance runs and be home every night.

Expedited, on the other hand, is ideal for team drivers who want to cover longer distances.


How to Participate in UPS Peak Season 2023

Every year, carriers ask us how to get involved in UPS Peak Season and how they can move more Peak freight.

We make getting involved easy with an annual bidding process. Carriers in Coyote's network can register to participate in the bids here:  2023 UPS Peak Bid Registration

Reach out to your Coyote Rep for more information.

Still want to learn more about Peak Season? Read this guide for carriers to get your questions answered.