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How One Carrier Combined Tech and Service for Explosive Fleet Growth

About American Dream Logistics

After seeing his family succeed in trucking, Bik Pannu followed in their footsteps and started his own company, American Dream Logistics, in 2017. In just two years, he’s nearly tripled the size of his fleet with no plans of slowing down.

Fast Facts

  • A Coyote Carrier of Choice
  • Fleet size tripled in 2 years
  • Dry van only
  • 8 dispatchers


Bik’s Ideal Balance Between Technology and Humanity

For American Dream Logistics, balancing technology solutions and human interface is essential.



Bik finds that these technology solutions bring the greatest value to his company:

For Bik, handling day-to-day operational tasks through technology opens up time to focus on relationship-based service and business growth.

When working with Coyote, American Dream Logistics dispatchers book spot loads almost exclusively online. Bik leverages the expertise of his Coyote rep, Carlos, to plan for the future.

Bik commented on the relationship, "Investing in technology, partly through my work with Coyote, has allowed me to focus on big-picture planning and strategizing."

My Coyote rep, Carlos, is always helping me plan months in advance. Since I can book loads and handle day-to-day operations online, my conversations with Carlos allow me to advance strategically.

Carlos knows my numbers and my business, so we’re able to focus on what kind of lane opportunities to prioritize in Q4 2019, Q1 2020, and beyond."

"My Coyote rep, Carlos, is always helping me plan months in advance. Since I can book loads and handle day-to-day operations online, my conversations with Carlos allow me to advance strategically."

- Bik Pannu, American Dream Logistics

This balance between tech and people, paired with the expertise supplemented by his rep, Carlos, has been integral to American Dream Logistics’ success.

With plans to expand his fleet to approximately 50 company trucks and 50 owner-operators over the next few years, maintaining this tech-human blend will be pivotal to continued growth.


Bik’s Advice to Fellow Carriers

Having the right blend of technology and people in your business is important, but knowing where to get started can be difficult.

To get some clear, actionable next steps for fleets looking to strike the balance, we asked Bik to provide his top tips.


1. Prioritize Dedicated Freight

"Part of what allows American Dream Logistics to provide consistent, on-time deliveries and effective communication is dedicated freight, which is about 75% of our total load volume. It brings stability to our business regardless of truckload market conditions.

We try to build long-term relationships with shippers and look into dedicated opportunities wherever possible. Simply put, dedicated freight is the key to our success."

Learn more about the dedicated freight opportunities we offer here.


2. Focus on Service

"We prioritize the safety and professionalism of our drivers above all else. When we talk to our customers, we always try to be up-front and honest. Through this type of communication, we earn and maintain their respect.

If you treat your customers right, they’ll keep coming back. If you mess up, they’ll choose someone else."


3. Set Strategic Business Goals

"Market fluctuations are inevitable — it’s important to scale up your fleet steadily. For us, the magic number is around 10-15% fleet growth each year. By being strategic, it’s possible to achieve consistent growth even when the truckload market is soft.

I always look for drivers that share our company’s values, and I look for 3PL partners that are truly interested in helping me grow the business over the long term. When we line ourselves up for success, I don’t think anything can hold us back."


In Summary

American Dream Logistics has provided a blueprint for carriers everywhere to plan for long term growth and success.

Bik's story of steady, significant growth backed by the right tech solutions and people has solidified American Dream Logistics’ outstanding reputation in the industry. Congratulations to American Dream Logistics for your success!

Thanks to outstanding service balanced with the right tech solutions, American Dream Logistics is a Carrier of Choice.

From discounted QuickPay rates to access to loads before other carriers, the perks of this program help Bik and his team meet and exceed their goals.


Want to learn more about becoming a Carrier of Choice?

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