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How Coyote & UPS Are Stepping Up to Combat the Infant Formula Shortage

When our nationwide carrier network combines with UPS’s global reach, we can accomplish some truly special things.

The most recent example: We’ve stepped up together to successfully move six shipments of infant formula for the Operation Fly Formula program.

The federal government has recognized the power of our shared expertise and trusted us to safely deliver this precious cargo.

Coyote and UPS team members loading infant formula

What Is Operation Fly Formula?

The U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services, Agriculture, and Defense, along with the General Services Administration, have combined resources to augment our national supply of infant formula in response to the ongoing shortage.

Operation Fly Formula brings shipments of formula produced in other countries to the U.S. on international flights and rapidly routes them for distribution to get them on shelves and in the hands of parents as quickly as possible.

infant formula loaded in truck

Where Did We Help Move Formula?

Our first successful shipment with Operation Fly Formula saw us move 44,000 lbs. of formula from a Nestlé facility in Zurich, Switzerland to a distribution center outside Indianapolis.

UPS Air handled the international portion of the trip, and We procured capacity for the final mile delivery.

Since then, we’ve used the same strategy to help UPS move:

  • 95 tons of Bubs baby formula from Sydney to Philadelphia.
  • 100 tons of Bubs baby formula from Sydney to Ontario, CA (with the final mile leg to Carson/Moreno Valley, CA).
  • 3 flights, each carrying 100 tons of Reckitt (maker of Enfamil) infant formula base powder, from Singapore to Chicago (with the final mile leg to Wanamingo, MN).

The team of Zach Gilstrap (General Manager, Humanitarian Logistics, Coyote), Taylor Calhoun (Complex Commodity Manager, UPS), Bo Huge-Jensen (International Account Manager, UPS) and Jantien Delfsma (Director, Global Freight Forwarding, UPS) collaborated to make these complex moves possible.

Coyote and UPS team on tarmac

[Pictured left to right: Taylor Calhoun, Bo Huge-Jensen, Zach Gilstrap]


Committed to Moving Freight That Makes a Difference

We’re honored to be trusted both by the Department of Health and Human Services and by our colleagues at UPS to arrange capacity for the last leg of these vital shipments.

It’s a fantastic feeling to lend our logistics expertise to something so meaningful. We’re always ready to help keep the most important freight moving.

If you are in need of capacity for your critical shipments, you can learn more about our final mile and expedited services.