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How to Get Dedicated Freight with Coyote

Dedicated freight can give your trucking company a consistent, reliable source of revenue that will help you grow.

If you're looking to add dedicated freight to your network, Coyote is the perfect provider to connect your fleet with the right opportunities. 

With Coyote, you access:

  • A Massive Freight Network
    10,000 loads per day from over 14,000 shippers
  • Expert Support
    Specialized team focused solely on finding and managing your dedicated opportunities
  • Free Tools
    Easy-to-use digital freight platform (CoyoteGO®) makes it easy to manage your network

Ready to get started with Coyote dedicated freight?

Fill out the form and we'll contact you to learn more about your network.

For most dedicated opportunities, you'll need at least 10-15 trucks and the ability to drop trailers to qualify. 

Note: You must be a Coyote network carrier. If you're not in our network yet, you can sign up today.

I'm Interested in Dedicated Freight

Want to learn a little more?

Find out how we can help your business and what the process looks like.

We'll answer all your questions so you can determine if dedicated freight with Coyote is a good fit.

5 Reasons to Get Dedicated Freight with Coyote

There are a lot of brokers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs), but most do not have the ability to give your business consistent, committed freight. 

Here's what you'll get by working with Coyote.  

1. Full access to the 2nd biggest network in North America.

With over 10,000 loads every day from over 14,000 shippers, all moving in a centralized marketplace, this is your best bet to finding a consistent, reliable opportunity that actually fits into your network.

And if your network changes, we'll source new opportunities to fill in any gaps.

2. Specialized support from a centralized team.

Getting set up on a dedicated lane involves a lot more effort and trust than a single spot load.

We don't just give you load board access and wish you good luck, and we don't have multiple offices calling to get you set up on an opportunity.

We have a specialized team that focuses on:

  • Learning your network
  • Building a long-term dedicated strategy
  • Finding the right lanes for your business
  • Getting you fully onboarded on each opportunity
  • Helping you manage your dedicated lanes

"​I probably wouldn’t be here today without Coyote. You have really enabled me to grow."

- Monica Byers, Owner of Sugar Creek Transportation who used Coyote to help achieve 13x fleet growth.

3. Hundreds of logistics specialists selling for you.

As a trucking company, you have a lot to deal with — hiring and retaining talent, truck maintenance and repairs, scheduling and dispatching drivers.

It can be hard to find the resources to develop and manage shipper relationships. With Coyote dedicated freight, you can rely on our team to bring opportunities to you.

We have hundreds of reps constantly bringing more freight into our massive network, and many of those are with larger, enterprise shippers that smaller trucking companies cannot access.

You can focus on hauling freight, we'll handle the rest. 

"Because of how we work together, I don’t have to seek out freight opportunities. They come directly from Coyote. What we do with Coyote is way beyond the call of duty."

-Rami Madan, Owner of Madan Logistics who achieved 10x fleet growth with Coyote

4. A free, easy-to-use digital platform.

Managing a high-volume lane can be complex. We make it easy with CoyoteGO, our free digital freight platform. 

You can have different permissions for drivers, dispatchers and administrators, and use it on a desktop or mobile app.

Dispatch drivers, manage paperwork and payments, and view your performance at a network-level.

5. Rewards for reliable service.

High-service Coyote carriers access perks like better payment terms and priority access to freight opportunities. 

As a UPS company, Coyote gets exclusive access to thousands of loads, not just during Peak Season, but throughout the year. 

Whether it's UPS freight or freight from other high-volume shippers, we rely on our dedicated carriers to participate in bids that never hit the open board.

Dedicated Freight with Coyote: Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know why Coyote is a great choice to help grow your business, let's dive into how the process works.

What Are the Fleet Requirements?

Carriers of all sizes can access consistent freight opportunities with Coyote. Even owner-operators can participate in weekly planned routes or UPS peak season. 

However, for most annual dedicated freight, we usually find that carriers need at least 15 trucks to be able to service the accounts. 

These are not hard-and-fast rules, but here are the most common fleet attributes:

  • 15+ trucks
  • 2:1 trailer-to-truck ratio
  • Open to dropping trailer
What Kind of Dedicated Opportunities Do You Have? 

We have all kinds of dedicated freight in our network.

Local, regional and long-haul. Special projects. Dry van and refrigerated. Power only. No matter where you send your trucks, we can find opportunities that may fit your network.

We actually offer several different types of consistent, committed freight, including:

  • Dedicated freight (we find freight for you)
  • Dedicated freight bids (we invite you to participate)
  • Power only opportunities (projects, weekly route plans)
  • UPS freight (both Peak Season and other)

Our specialized team will work with you to find what is best for your business. 

How Big of a Commitment Do I Have to Make? 

We build flexible commitments around what works for you.

Though each opportunity is a little different, here is an overview of most dedicated freight commitments:

  • At least 2-3 loads per week per lane
  • Most opportunities require drop trailer
  • Rates are base rate + a floating fuel surcharge (FSC)
  • Most awards are annual, and base rates stay the same for the duration of the award
  • Service expectations are 90% tender acceptance and 95% on-time pick up and delivery
  • You will need to have a digital tracking integration with Coyote

You can access different levels of commitment, depending on what works for you:

Tier 1 (Grey)
You agree to a rate and estimate your driver capacity, but do not make a firm commitment. You will get first right of refusal on all loads. If you consistently accept them, we can level up to something more formal. 

Tier 2 (Green)
You have a rate locked in, but share freight volume with other carriers.

Tier 3 (Blue)
You have a rate locked in, and you are the primary carrier for all the volume in the lane. It's yours for the agreed period. 

I'm Interested, What Is the Process?

  1. Submit the contact form (select Requesting contractually dedicated freight in the drop down).
  2. We'll set up a discovery call with you and a specialized Coyote dedicated freight expert.
  3. The dedicated freight expert takes time to learn you network and preferences, then starts hunting down opportunities that may fit.
  4. We use our proprietary technology and match your needs against our network. Your dedicated freight expert will only approach you with opportunities that could work for you. This is not a one-and-done process either. As new freight enters the network, our system flags potential matches for your fleet, and your expert will vet them. 
  5. Your dedicated freight expert will approach you with opportunities, and you work together to try and find a pricing and capacity commitment that works for your business. 
  6. You agree to the commitment, and we move forward in getting you set up on the account, including a onboarding call with the shipper. 
  7. You start hauling consistent freight and making reliable revenue. We hold regular meetings with you to report on performance and ensure smooth operation. 

Get Dedicated Freight for Your Fleet with Coyote

You deserve the tools and resources to keep your trucks loaded and moving — dedicated lanes can help you achieve it.

Consistent volume and revenue will enable you to grow, and your service will help us better serve our customers.

We love this symbiotic relationship — it leads to more opportunities for everyone involved!

Ready to find out how we can grow together?

I Want Dedicated Freight