Flatbed Season Is Here. Is Your Supply Chain Ready?

Though it’s only a portion of the wider U.S. trucking industry, the flatbed market is still massive, representing approximately $150 billion1 in annual shipper spend. It is also extremely fragmented, even more so than the dry van market—the top ten flatbed carriers account for less than 5% of market share2.

Finding the right carrier with the right equipment type, when and where you need it can be challenging. The seasonal and inconsistent nature of most flatbed freight can make sourcing reliable capacity even more difficult.

This will be especially true in the coming months; as the weather heats up, construction projects big and small will begin to break ground, driving up the demand for flatbed capacity.

Leveraging a scaled, centralized 3PL will expand your reach and help you consolidate a fragmented market. Bring flexible capacity to your flatbed supply chain with Coyote, one of the largest providers of open deck solutions in North America.

In 2018, we sourced flatbed capacity for nearly 2,500 shippers on tens of thousands of shipments. To move all that open deck freight, we worked with over 9,500 flatbed carriers from our dense, centralized network.


Coyote provides flatbed capacity:

  • To shippers of all types and sizes, ranging from mom-and-pop shops with a single load, to multi-billion global manufacturers with dozens of daily shipments.
  • For all types of freight opportunities, from spot loads and temporary projects, to volume surges and annual, contracted lanes.
  • With all types of open deck equipment:


Types of open deck equipment


  • For all open deck services:


Open deck services


Whatever your flatbed needs, Coyote has carriers in our network to service them. Our massive, centralized network gives us efficiency at scale. With Coyote, you can expand your reach while streamlining procurement.


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  2. https://www.ttnews.com/top100/flatbed/2018
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