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Green Means Giving Back: Environmental Responsibility is a Team Effort

Coyote’s mission is to move business forward with expertise and integrity. That’s why we’re committed to helping shippers and carriers improve their sustainability performance while also reducing our own environmental impact.

We know that environmental responsibility starts at the local level and that every Coyote employee has a part to play. With that in mind, we’re expanding our green efforts to help drive a cleaner supply chain in the future.


Green Means Cleaner Local Expressways

Coyote is pleased to announce that through Chicago Gateway Green, a non-profit organization focused on the "greening and beautification" of local roadways and neighborhoods, we are sponsoring maintenance, litter removal and tree planting along the John F. Kennedy Expressway (I-90) near our global headquarters.


According to a 2018 EPA report, the transportation industry accounted for 28% of the total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.


Our goal with this collaboration is to help offset some of the waste and air pollution taking place along our highways, while also supporting the transformation of our local community. 



To date, Gateway Green programs have helped plant over 4,000 trees, hundreds of thousands of perennials and bushes, and helped remove over 1.5 million pounds of litter.

“Coyote is excited to contribute to the care and sustainability of our local highways to help offset industry emissions.

A more sustainable supply chain can’t be achieved alone, so this collaboration helps to extend our efforts – because we believe it’s what we do together that truly sets us apart.”

– Jorge Diaz, Coyote Chief People Officer


Green Means Planting More Trees

In addition to the Expressway sponsorship, our employees will be able to directly participate by planting trees during our company-wide annual “Day of Impact.”

Although we halted immediate plans as we practice safe social distancing to help combat the spread of the coronavirus, Coyotes will volunteer later this year through a large-scale tree planting initiative that transforms vacant land into tree-filled green spaces.

This initiative is especially fitting, seeing as our parent company, UPS, set a goal through The UPS Foundation to plant 15 million trees around the world by the end of 2020.

Every tree counts in the larger scale effort to reduce carbon, combat climate change, and protect the planet’s atmosphere — Coyote is looking forward to supporting this admirable effort.



“At UPS, we believe it’s important to do our part to preserve and protect the environment. Today’s investment in the environment is an investment in the future.”

– The UPS Foundation


Green Means Going Digital

As Coyote looks to reaffirm our commitment to sustainability, technology plays a critical role in reducing our collective waste.

Digital solutions have been at the core of our business since day one, having been originally founded as a logistics software company in 2006.

While we understand that a balance between technology and human expertise is critical to running a smart supply chain, we are proud to promote the adoption of digital tools by all participants within our network.

Not only has our digital freight platform powered our employees since the our founding, but we recently expanded our platform, enabling our network shippers and carriers to run their freight end-to-end using CoyoteGO®.

Here are just a few of the ways that digital solutions are helping to reduce waste and drive sustainable efficiencies:


Green Means Green

Focusing on improving our sustainability performance is something all of us can and should do, but to truly move the industry forward, we need to start with these four pillars:

  1. Environmental responsibility
  2. Sustainable supply chain solutions
  3. Forward-thinking industry insights
  4. Meaningful global partnerships

Coyote is committed to driving the industry forward towards sustainable solutions, and we hope all of you will join us.

Find out more about our green efforts by visiting our Sustainability page.