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How to Get Your Driver Detention Paid Faster

Time delays are a huge pain for carriers and a major reason why some shippers struggle to get loads covered.

Unfortunately, driver detention is an unavoidable part of trucking, but we believe you should get paid for your time delays.

In our standard detention policy, you can notify us about lumpers or detention through our digital platform, CoyoteGO®, or reach out to your rep directly.

To help you get paid for your time faster, we started the Expedited Detention Program.


5 Requirements to Join the Expedited Detention Program

To get your detention approved and paid faster, submit an expedited detention request through your Coyote rep.

To qualify, each request must meet all of the following requirements.

If approved, we will send you an updated rate confirmation with your detention added within one business day. That's it!

Here are the 5 key requirements: 

1. Comply with Load Requirements

You must comply with all notes on the rate confirmation.

If there is a detention policy in the load notes (i.e. 3 hours free, no detention, etc.), that policy will supersede Coyote’s detention program.

If the rate confirmation requests any additional documentation or paperwork, you must include it along with your proof of meeting appointment times.


2. Choose an Approved Digital Tracking Option

Your driver must use some method of Coyote-approved electronic tracking for their truck on the load.

We provide four easy and free options to fulfill this. Choose the best one for your business here if you haven’t already.


3. Submit Proof of On-Time Arrival & Delayed Departure 

You must submit proof that your driver met their appointment times.

You can do this either via in-and-out times logged via electronic tracking if the rate con does not state that signatures are required.

Alternatively, you can submit legible signed in-and-out times that accurately reflect the detention you are requesting.


4. Agree to Standardized Rates

Both detention and layover rates are standardized for expedited approval and are applicable for both loading and unloading.

You must agree to the following rates for expedited approval:

  • Detention Rate: $35 per hour
    Detention begins two hours after the appointment time listed on the rate confirmation.
  • Layover Rate: $150 
    This is only applicable when a driver will incur more than eight hours of detention at a stop and is a substitute for – not an addition to – all other detention payment.

Note: You can still request additional compensation through our standard detention request process. 


5. Request Expedited Detention Promptly

You must request detention within one business day from load delivery in order to qualify.

Your detention request may qualify for expedited approval if it meets all the above requirements.

Please send all necessary paperwork to your Coyote rep within one business day from delivery for review.

This program is not intended to cover every detention or accessorial request. If your request does not meet the requirements, then regular accessorial procedures will apply.


Get Your Detention Paid Within 1 Business Day

To recap, you can request expedited detention from your Coyote rep on each load that meets the following requirements:

  1. Comply with Load Requirements
  2. Choose an Approved Digital Tracking Option

  3. Submit Proof of On-Time Arrival & Delayed Departure

  4. Agree to Standardized Rates

  5. Request Expedited Detention Promptly


At Coyote, we know how important it is for carriers to get paid quickly for their service.

Looking to get paid faster?

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