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In It For The Short Haul


March 25,2016--Chicago--“We’re in a new shipping environment,” Coyote SVP of Sales Brian Brenner told Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “Market dynamics are ‘the softest we have experienced since 2009, with loose capacity and moderate demand. As we head into 2016, shippers are asking: When will the market shift? Am I prepared for that shift?’

Shippers need to ensure their vendor partners are prepared to perform in this new environment. The first step, says Brenner, is to ask the right questions, such as:

  • Are your current vendors experienced in different market conditions?
  • Are they committed to perform quality work when the market conditions do turn?

‘No matter what type of market we’re in, customers should look for a provider that strives for the best in quality and technology, and is committed to driving cost out of customers’ supply chains,’ Brenner says. ‘To avoid any network disruptions when the market shifts, question your long-term alignment, and how you would like to measure success now and in the future.’”

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