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Supply chain master series: LTL in focus free virtual event

No facet of logistics and transportation has been immune to volatility over the past two years — not even the traditionally stable LTL market.

Price increases, regional embargoes and carrier consolidations have all shaken up the LTL landscape. 

Get insights from experts at:
  • S&P
  • Roadrunner Freight
  • Stephens
  • Coyote Logistics

The live event may be over, but you can now watch all sessions on demand.

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What Is the Supply Chain Master Series?

The Supply Chain Master Series is a quarterly, free virtual event with thought leaders from across the logistics industry.

In Q1, the core focus was LTL shipping, but the freight market update and forecast covered all modes, including our proprietary truckload market index, the Coyote Curve. 

There were 3 sessions:


What Can I Learn From the Supply Chain Master Series? 

  • Why LTL carriers are using embargoes.
  • How to fortify your supply chain to withstand regional disruptions.
  • Why LTL carriers are consolidating and whether this trend will continue.
  • How to protect your business against LTL disruptions.
  • What to watch out for in Q2 2022 across truckload, LTL and intermodal freight markets.
  • The latest forecast for our proprietary Coyote Curve® truckload rate index.


How Can I Watch the Supply Chain Master Series?

The live event was on Wednesday, March 23, but you can watch all sessions right now, for free!


View Sessions On Demand


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