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Want Consistent Weekly Miles & Revenue? My Smart Routes Can Help

As carriers battle continued freight market volatility, they need consistent miles and revenue.

If you’re a carrier looking for reliable income and stability for your fleet, My Smart Routes can help.

My Smart Routes creates optimized weekly routes so you can effectively streamline your operations, reduce empty miles and maximize fleet efficiency.

With My Smart Routes, you don’t have to sift through our load board to find the right freight opportunities. Instead, we’ll use our dense freight network of over 10,000 daily loads to build weekly route plans that keep your drivers rolling and your revenue flowing. 

“Like all carriers, inconsistent load volume, rates and schedule gaps are significant sources of stress.

My Smart Routes​ has helped us remove uncertainty from our weekly operations by strategically stringing shipments together so we can keep our fleet full and moving, while providing our drivers the amount of miles per week they were promised.” 

–Eric Lewis, VP of Operations at Ed Lewis Trucking


How My Smart Routes Works in 4 Steps

  1. Once you designate a driver to participate, we use the driver’s home base city (i.e. starting point) to create a route.
  2. Using My Smart Routes, we string together multiple loads from our network into a cohesive, week-long round trip (aka route).
  3. My Smart Routes factors in HOS (hours of service), average loading/unloading times and other load attributes to maximize miles, increase tractor revenue, reduce downtime and eliminate layovers.
  4. Each week, we will communicate the optimized route to you and your driver.

Our dedicated team is available for support from the moment your driver begins their route until the moment they get back home at the end of the week.

My Smart Routes​ gives carriers consistent weekly revenue (and a guaranteed minimum rate) on dry van and reefer loads.


Benefits of My Smart Routes

While the benefits of My Smart Routes are extensive, the top three benefits to carriers are:

1. Consistent weekly revenue

A consistent paycheck takes the pressure off and reduces the time you usually spend looking for and planning weekly loads.

When you participate in My Smart Routes, you always know — in advance — the minimum amount you will make each week on Coyote loads.


2. Consistent weekly miles

My Smart Routes gives your drivers between 2100-2800 miles on the road every week.

This makes your fleet more efficient and contributes to overall carrier sustainability goals by reducing wasted time (i.e. drivers sitting around waiting for new loads) and empty miles.  


3. Roundtrip weekly routes

My Smart Routes builds trips that start and end in drivers’ home cities, which helps improve overall driver satisfaction.


“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic being a time of disruption, My Smart Routes offered us the consistency and reliability we needed to combat market volatility and the stress drivers experience during economic uncertainty.

We have been able to give our drivers regular routes even with the rise and fall in demand.”

– Joey Riceputo, Vice President at FSR Trucking


How Do I Sign Up for My Smart Routes?

If you want greater reliability and consistency for your fleet, fill out this form to get started.

Sign Up for My Smart Routes


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