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One Point of Contact, One Committed Relationship

One of the greatest aspects of working with carriers all around the world is the relationships they're able to develop between them and their dedicated Coyote reps.

Carriers tell us that having a single point-of-contact that knows their business is a huge value add. In some cases, it's a major reason why they chose to work with Coyote in the first place.

Needless to say, carriers build strong professional relationships through frequent interaction with their reps. In fact, we've even seen true friendships blossom as a result.

To close out the year, we asked our Carrier Team to share stories about how they’ve built meaningful connections with carriers like you. Here’s what they had to say:


Kurt and Tyrone

When Tyrone from Travail Enterprises called into Coyote Logistics looking for freight, he didn’t know what to expect from his new rep, Kurt. His hope was to build a strong relationship with Kurt and get steady freight from Coyote to keep his trucks moving.

"I’m beyond grateful to have them both in my life."

- Coyote rep Kurt on his relationship with Tyrone and Sandy

Through his work with Coyote, Tyrone benefited both professionally and personally. He met his wife while moving a Coyote load.  


 Tyrone and Kurt at Tyrone and Sandy's wedding

Kurt detailed how he met Tyrone: 

“During an aggressive 2012 produce season, I took a call-in from Travail Enterprises. Tyrone is an owner/operator who didn’t like hearing excuses and gave me a shot to keep him running. 

A few years ago, while hauling a Coyote load, Tyrone met a woman named Sandy, who at the time was a driver for a different carrier. Sandy joined Tyrone as a team truck, and they’ve been running UPS Peak Season holiday freight for us since. 

I finally got the chance to meet them in person back in June 2019, when Tyrone and Sandy got married in Savannah, GA. Now they’re partners both on and off the road. I’m beyond grateful to have them both in my life.”


Simoni and Mario

Simoni from Coyote Logistics Europe started working with Mario at BE-TRANS when she was finishing her rigorous Coyote sales training in the beginning of 2019. After working together for some time, in October, the two were able to meet face-to-face at a transport fair in Belgium.

Since then, their business relationship has only continued to grow.

“Simoni speaks daily with us – she knows exactly what we need and how to help. Having a single point of contact is one of the best things about working with Coyote. It was very nice to meet in person the account manager we speak to every day over the phone.”

– Mario, BE-TRANS

Simoni shareed Mario’s positivity:

“What I like most [about this relationship] is the honesty of the people I work with. I respect their work ethic and I have learned a lot from them. Meeting Mario and others in-person from the BE-TRANS team while in Antwerp has only helped.

I had more time to talk to them, learn about their business and get to know their personalities. I look forward to growing our relationship because it’s truly a win-win for both parties.” 


Simoni and the BE-TRANS team


Najlae and Rob

Rob is an owner/operator for Franssens, a company in Benelux owned by his family. Over a year ago, he started working with Najlae, his Coyote Logistics rep.

At first, Rob was doubtful that a company as big as Coyote would care about an owner/operator with just one truck. Najlae assured him that it didn’t matter whether his company was big or small - she wanted to help him succeed.

With Najlae's help, Franssens has been able to expand their family business with a new driver, who happens to be Rob’s father.

“I am very happy my job helps drive family-owned companies forward, creating growth for Franssens and other similar small businesses.”

– Najlae

The sentiment is mutual – thanks to their bond of trust, business is booming on both sides.

According to Rob, “Working with Coyote Logistics is very important to me as I have only one contact person that handles all my interests. Najlae is super friendly and professional. We speak daily and it almost feels like family. She did not give up on me because I only had one truck, and I found that amazing. Coyote is very responsible for the growth of my company.” 


Najlae and Rob


Rob and Najlae were recently able to meet in person to get coffee after Rob dropped off a load outside of Coyote's Amsterdam headquarters.

They used the time as an opportunity to get to know each other better and talk about their growth strategy for the coming year. They look forward to another year of strong collaboration.


Sydney and Simmons Transport

James, an owner/operator for Simmons Transport in Roswell, GA, has been working with his Coyote rep, Sydney, for the past 5+ years.

“James keeps the Coyote Christmas card that I wrote him last year in his front window as a reminder of Coyote’s 'No Excuses' mentality. For him, it’s a reminder to get the job done well no matter what.”

- Sydney

James in the jacket Sydney sent him for Christmas


Armela and Discordia

Armela, a Coyote Logistics rep, started working with Discordia in December 2018. In their time working together, they’ve developed a strong relationship centered around trust and service.

In November 2019, Discordia invited Armela to their office in Sofia, Bulgaria where she had the opportunity to meet the dispatchers and drivers she works with every day and get a tour of their yard.


Armela with the Discordia team


Armela commented on working with Discordia: 

“Discordia is one of the most reliable carriers I work with, so it was great to finally meet their team in-person. I got a chance to talk to some of Discordia’s drivers directly and I really enjoyed hearing their perspective about working in this industry.

To make my visit even more special, Discordia organized a night out where we ate delicious food and danced to Bulgarian folk music. I am beyond grateful that they organized such a special day for me and I am looking forward to having them in our Amsterdam office next year.” - Armela

One of Discordia’s transportation managers shared Armela’s sentiments.

“One of the best things we can say about working with Coyote is Armela and her team. They are always good to us and work with us to find solutions to any challenges that come up. All of us at Discordia really appreciate the time that Armela spent with us and we are excited to grow our relationship in the years to come.” 


Our EU Carrier Family

Cecilia, our Carrier Relations Manager in Europe has had the opportunity to meet with many of the carriers in our network during industry events across Europe.

She loves talking to carriers about their relationships with their Coyote Logistics reps and really enjoys representing the pack. Cecilia shared some of the wonderful sentiments she’s heard from the carriers who work with us every day.


Left to right: Slawek. Cecilia and Aleksandra


“Andres [Coyote Logistics rep] was very much knowledgeable about logistics in Europe. He listens to and understands what I need to grow my business.

We have quickly started working and we maintain a daily contact and he offers me exactly what I need. He is also very friendly and understanding and provides great customer service while always being willing to help when there are problems.”

– Transport J Bahi

“We really appreciate that we get to work with Coyote daily. Our first rep, Magda C., always proactively helped us – even outside of normal working hours. She really cared about us and our business.”

– Slawek and Aleksandra from HR Polska Transport

“We started working with Magda O. after Magda C. moved into a different role, but our experience with Coyote has remained just as positive. Both of our reps have been amazing. We are planning to visit one of Coyote’s offices next year to see some of the people we work with every day.”


Brandon and Ayat Logistics

Brandon, a Carrier Sales Representative, started working with Ayat Logistics back when their fleet had three trucks. After working together for five years, Ayat’s fleet has grown exponentially to over 60 trucks.

In that time, Brandon has visited them in Texas several times and has developed relationships that go beyond helping them book preferred loads and lanes on a daily basis. 


 From left to right: Brandon (Carrier Sales Rep), Liban, Omar and Kyle (Carrier Sales Manager) at GATS 2018.


According to Brandon, he loves that he’s been a part of Ayat’s growth as a company and that they have been so fundamental to his growth as a Carrier Sales Representative.

Brandon looks forward to continuing to work with Ayat and help grow their fleet further over the coming years.


Ryan and Copeland Truc-King

Ryan, a Director of Carrier Sales, started doing business with Copeland Truc-King eight years ago. In that time, their professional relationship has developed into a true friendship. One of their favorite ways to connect is going to the Vikings vs.

Lions football game together every year, a tradition that has been alive and well for the past seven years. Beyond the annual football game, Ryan stood in his contact's wedding last September.

Ryan is excited to see how their friendship continues to grow and is looking forward to many more football games to come.


Rossana and JP

Rossana, a Coyote Logistics rep from our Guadalajara office, met JP of Rush Service, Inc. in December 2017. They hit it off and like to talk business as much as possible — sometimes as late as 1 a.m. — in order to solve problems together.


From left to right: Pablo, Simon, Rossana (Carrier Sales Rep), Tomas, Erick and JP.


Over the years, they have built a very strong working relationship. To get to know Rossana better, JP invited her to a reunion to spend some time together outside of work.

At the reunion, Rossana got to meet the people she’d been working with every day. It helped to cement a true friendship based on trust. Going forward, they plan to get dinner together regularly to build upon their friendship even further.


Travis and Rupe

Travis, a seasoned Coyote rep, established an instant connection with Pro Tech when he started working with them in 2014. He attributes their strong working relationship to always doing right by each other, gaining each other’s trust and going the extra mile when needed.


Travis, Rupe and Rupe's wife at their wedding.


If Pro Tech needs something after hours, Travis makes himself available for them. This has led to a friendship developing. Over the years, Travis has become so close with Pro Tech’s owner, Rupe, that he invited Travis to his wedding in California, where they met in-person for the first time.

Travis being there meant the world to Rupe, and their relationship continues to grow from the rock-solid foundation they established years ago. They are both excited to further develop their friendship in the years to come.


The Value of Relationships

Having a dedicated point-of-contact may not seem like a big deal to some, but to many carriers these relationships make the world of difference — in both their professional and personal lives. Their Coyote counterparts feel the same way.

Whether it’s going to sporting events, meeting up for coffee, or going to each other’s weddings, our employees and network of carriers have shown us what it means to build long-standing relationships founded on trust.