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How Coyote & Ware2Go Power Palouse Brand’s Sustainable Fulfillment Solution

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About Palouse Brand

Palouse Brand grew out of a fifth-generation family-owned farm in 2001 when they purchased a cleaning facility and pivoted from an export-only business to a provider of food-grade edible products to domestic consumers.

Their lentils, beans, whole grains and other foods have been grown with sustainable methods like direct seeding and no-till practices since 1982, and they are packaged in planet-friendly, plant-derived cotton and burlap bags.

Coyote Services They Rely On:

About Ware2Go

Ware2Go (a UPS Company) is changing the traditional 3PL model to make 1-2-day delivery easy and affordable for all merchants. Ware2Go offers a nationwide network of certified warehouses and technology to streamline fulfillment across sales channels for a fully scalable and truly on-demand solution.


Challenges and Results

Palouse Brand’s Challenge:

Developing a new fulfillment model to meet intensifying customer demand for volume and delivery speed while continuing to meet their sustainability goals.

Results With Coyote & Ware2Go:

By utilizing five warehouses in Ware2Go’s nationwide network and inbound transportation from our carrier network, Palouse Brand is able to offer free 2-day delivery to customers both through Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime and through their own website.

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Scaling Up to Keep Customers Fed

Before coming to Ware2Go, Palouse Brand operated solely out of their family farm in rural Washington state.

But as demand for their protein-rich natural food products increased, their hybrid fulfillment model that split orders between their own in-house facility and Fulfillment by Amazon struggled to keep up. They needed a new solution that would include:

  • A Seller Fulfilled Prime network for greater inventory control and closer connection to their Amazon customers.
  • A multi-channel platform that could provide consistent fulfillment performance for orders across all channels.
  • A commitment to their sustainability and environmental health goals that stretched from their family farm all the way to final-mile delivery.


Ware2Go & Coyote Plant Seeds for Future Growth

For the comprehensive, end-to-end solution Palouse Brands needed, they turned to a productive partnership between two providers within the UPS Supply Chain Solutions portfolio.

The shared expertise and capabilities we’ve contributed together with Ware2Go has immediately improved Palouse Brand’s fulfillment performance and set them up for sustainable scaling as they continue to grow.

What Ware2Go Brings to the Table:
  • Strategic inventory distribution across five warehouse locations throughout the country.
  • Decreased transit time and carbon footprint for final mile deliveries from facilities located closer to customers.
  • Offsets for carbon emissions on shipments within their network from freight to parcel.

What Coyote Brings to the Table:
  • Arranging transportation for inbound product from Palouse Brand’s farm to their fulfillment facilities.
  • Competitive freight rates from tapping into our nationwide network of 70,000+ vetted carriers.
  • Expertise in best practices and nuances for both full truckload and LTL shipping to help avoid logjams at facilities.

According to Palouse Brand CEO Sara Mader, products can now be picked up from her facility in Washington state, transported by a carrier in our network to a Ware2Go facility, processed and ready to sell in as little as 72 hours.

And the infrastructure and expertise our collaboration has helped them develop will keep them moving without missing a beat as their business expands in the future to both additional ecommerce platforms and brick and mortar retail.


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