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GO Your Own Way: 3 Self-Service Technology Options for Shipping With Coyote

3 self service options from coyote

Working with an experienced rep to ship freight will get the job done, but there are times you want to take care of business on your own.

Our team is always here for you when you need us, but we also empower you to take your freight portfolio into your own hands and manage it at your own speed.

That’s why we offer three great self-service options for managing freight with us — and all of them are completely free to use.

Find out how CoyoteGO®, CoyoteGO Premium® and API integrations offer different capabilities to meet each of your unique shipping needs.

3 ways to DIY with coyote


CoyoteGO: Simplify Your Coyote Freight

Managing a supply chain is complex — sometimes, you just want things to be easy.

Our core CoyoteGO digital freight platform lets you skip the headaches for freight you ship with us. You can use its instant Quote & Ship feature for both truckload and LTL freight, tapping into our 70,000-strong carrier network to book your shipment in a matter of minutes.

And with accounting, paperwork and tracking at your fingertips as well, it’s easy to see why shippers keep choosing CoyoteGO.

3 Ways CoyoteGO Keeps It Simple

1. One-Click Load Rebuilds and Saved Lanes

Building loads in CoyoteGO isn’t just a snap; once you’ve built one once, you can repeat it with a single click.

Have consistent lanes but varying commodities and volumes? You can save lanes as well to streamline the process.

2. Digital Financials

Don’t want to leave the platform to handle payments for your shipments? You don’t have to.

In CoyoteGO, you can view and settle invoices for each of your loads or LTL shipments; you can even request and get approved for Coyote credit.

3. Facility Rating Visibility

Keep an eye on operations at your facilities by letting the carriers who work with them tell you how it’s going. 

We collect carrier reviews of each of your facilities which you can view to monitor performance and identify areas for improvement.

How to Get Started

Setting up CoyoteGO is just as simple as using it to quote and ship. Just create an account with some basic contact information about yourself and your company and you’ll be on your way.

Create Your CoyoteGO Account


CoyoteGO Premium: Take Control

If you’re ready to take more control over your supply chain, CoyoteGO Premium has you covered.

CoyoteGO Premium is a free, cloud-based TMS that puts you in the driver’s seat for your entire truckload freight portfolio. The control it gives you to upload routing guides, tender freight to carriers in your network and monitor performance distinguishes our premium offering from our core CoyoteGO platform.

It includes access to all the classic CoyoteGO features as well, including truckload and LTL Quote & Ship for spot freight — it really is the full package.

3 Ways CoyoteGO Premium Puts You in Control

1. Upload and Maintain Routing Guides

Tender freight with ease in any lane by uploading routing guides to manage the truckload carriers in your network.

CoyoteGO Premium will store any truckload routing guides you use, house your rates and allow you to digitally generate all necessary documents to tender freight to your carriers.

2. Work With Carriers Outside Our Network

CoyoteGO Premium is a carrier-agnostic, cloud-based platform. This means you can use it to tender freight to any carrier in your network, regardless of whether they work with us.

To prevent conflicts of interest, our brokerage is also completely firewalled from accessing the rates contained within your routing guide.

3. Manage KPIs & Track Carrier Performance

Monitor carrier performance against logistics KPIs like on-time pick-up and delivery, primary tender acceptance, and cost per shipment.

CoyoteGO Premium generates multiple data visualizations of your most important shipping metrics to help you identify areas for continuous improvement.

How to Get Started

Our CoyoteGO Premium specialists are ready whenever you are to walk you through a product demo. This is your opportunity to explore its features, visualize how it can handle your freight portfolio and meet the dedicated team that will support you as a user.

Request a CoyoteGO Premium Demo


API Integration: Stay Connected

Already have a TMS and not looking to make a change, but still want to tap into our freight network with ease? We’ve got a solution for you, too.

When you integrate with our API, you can continue using the TMS or accounting software you’re comfortable with but gain direct access to your Coyote freight and instant spot rates for any lane.

That means up-to-the-minute truckload and LTL quotes accessible in your platform of choice, as well as seamless management of your shipments.

3 Ways API Integration Keeps You Connected

1. Cut Down on Costly Data Mistakes

Human errors usually start with manual processes. So it makes sense that when you significantly reduce these processes by integrating with us, you can cut down on mistakes.

You only need to enter freight data like volumes, commodity types, freight class, NMFC code, or accessorials once when you’re connected to our API and it will be shared with us instantly. If it was accurate the first time, it will be accurate every time, helping you avoid unexpected charges.

2. Get Instant Tracking Updates

Data integration is a two-way street — it doesn’t just help you share data with us, it lets us report back to you as well.

As soon as our team gets an update from a carrier, you’ll have it instantly. Our API means no more filling out forms or sending emails to request tracking information.

3. Get a Real-Time Rate at Any Time

You know what you’re paying for your freight right now, but how do those rates compare with real-world market conditions?

With our pricing API, you’ll connect to a powerful third-party data source. You can generate rates that are calculated in real time with our proprietary algorithms and market data, helping you strategize your spend with up-to-the-minute clarity.

How to Get Started

We offer native API integrations with a number of leading TMS systems that can get you online in hours. And if you need a more hands-on integration, our team is more than happy to help — just fill out the form below to talk to an integration specialist.

Talk to a Technology Specialist


Try Out Our Self-Service Technology Today

Ready to get set up with a technology solution that puts control of your supply chain in your hands and keeps your freight moving at the speed of your business? Then there’s no reason to wait to get started.

Learn more about our self-service options below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our specialists with any questions or for help getting set up.

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