Frequently Asked Questions from Shippers

Q: How do I ship with Coyote?

A: You can request a quote to join our network or talk to a specialist about your unique shipping needs.

Prefer to manage your freight online? Register for a FREE CoyoteGO® account to start quoting, booking and tracking shipments through our digital freight platform.  

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Q: Generally, how long does it take to receive a quote?

A: After submitting a request for quote (during normal business hours), a Coyote sales rep will return a quote within one hour.

For on-demand quoting and booking, sign-up for a CoyoteGO account to receive full truckload and less than truckload (LTL) quotes in real-time.


Q: How do I get a designated single point-of-contact to oversee my shipments?

A: If you request a quote online or call us to sign up as a shipper, the person who directs you to the sign-up page will most likely be your assigned rep.

After you request a quote online, a Coyote sales rep will be assigned to your account and will contact you within 24 hours to get you started.

Additionally, if you need assistance with online CoyoteGO quoting or booking, contact information for your team of Coyote specialists is listed right on the main dashboard of the platform for easy access.


Q: How many carriers are in Coyote’s centralized marketplace?

A: Coyote has built relationships with over 70,000 North American carriers, owner-operators and private fleets to help move your freight any time or anywhere. Plus, our network of over 14,000 European carriers is available to help you move international freight.


Q: What modes of freight does Coyote support?

A: Coyote works with shippers and carriers across all modes and equipment. In addition to full truckload, we offer less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment, as well as intermodal shipping for over-the-rail needs. As a UPS company, we also provide air and ocean shipping options. Other equipment and capabilities include:

  • Refrigerated / reefer
  • Flatbed
  • Private Fleet
  • Multi-stop
  • Drop-trailer
  • Step-deck
  • Cross-border
  • Drayage
  • Expedited 
  • Over dimensional/overweight
  • Hazmat
  • High-value
  • Local
  • Government

Want to know about our multi-modal solutions? Talk to a Coyote specialist today.        


Q: What industries does Coyote service?

A: We strive to meet the needs of customers across all industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Consumer Goods
  • Transportation
  • Energy & Infrastructure
  • Food & Beverage
  • Government & Non-Profits
  • Industrial Goods
  • Paper & Packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals & Health Care
  • Technology


Q: What business solutions do you provide?

A: Regardless of shipper size or complexity, Coyote can configure the supply chain solution best suited for your business.

Between our primary capacity, managed supply chain (TMS services), and flexible supply chain options, we can scale to meet your unique high-volume needs. 


Q: What technology solutions are available to help me ship, track and optimize my supply chain? 

A: CoyoteGO is our on-demand digital freight platform that seamlessly connects shippers to carrier capacity. Once you create a free online account, you can start quoting, booking and tracking your shipments any time on your desktop or mobile device*. 

Our team can even help automate manual tasks through EDI or API integration to make data exchange easy for higher volume shippers. Plus, with over 150,000 online facility reviews, you can gain valuable insights into your performance to help improve your operations.

Looking for more information about our technology? Click here

*Note: CoyoteGO is accessible on your mobile device by logging in to Our CoyoteGO mobile app is only for carriers, who need easier access to loads on-the-go.


Q: What is TMS?

A: TMS, or a Transportation Management System, is technology that many shippers utilize to more efficiently plan freight shipping needs.

We encourage shippers to have a TMS in place to make shipping more efficient and can offer dedicated shipping lanes to carriers for consistent business every week.

We can also connect to your TMS systems for tracking, tendering and rate confirmation leverage.


Q: What TMS services does Coyote provide?

A: We believe that shippers need more than just a transportation management system in order to anticipate change and adjust with the fluctuating market.

That’s why Coyote provides managed TMS solutions, pairing end-to-end network execution and real-time visibility with data intelligence from a dedicated team.

Looking for onsite or outsourced services? Our team can help to build the level of support your supply chain needs.

Learn more about our managed TMS and supply chain solutions here.


Q: What truckload market insights can Coyote provide?

A: Discover how the truckload market cycles fluctuate over time and learn what past can tell us about the future freight market.

Through comparison of Coyote’s proprietary historical truckload data, we have developed a forecasting model — the Coyote Curve® — to help shippers navigate the ebbs and flows of the market.

Download our free market forecasting guide, by clicking here.  


Q: How does Coyote leverage its relationship with UPS?

A: With access to over 75,000 assets within UPS’s network, Coyote works with UPS to identify synergies to create flexible, cost-effective solutions for our customers no matter the supply chain challenge.

Our Flex Solutions team gives shippers access to the global UPS network and one of the largest, most efficient procurement networks in the world to create solutions such as:

  • Dedicated fleet sourcing
  • Private and dedicated fleet optimization
  • Equipment repositioning
  • Mobile storage
  • Dedicated surge capacity
  • Warehousing and cross-dock services
  • Port drayage
  • Specialized equipment services

To learn more about the flexible solutions developed through our relationship with UPS, click here.


Q: How do I apply for credit payments with Coyote?

A: You can access Coyote's credit application & agreement here.


Q: What should I do if I have an issue after normal business hours?

A: We are here to help you resolve issues no matter the time of day. If you have an issue during normal business hours, contact your rep for help. After hours? Don’t sweat it. We offer 24/7/365 support. Just call 877-6-COYOTE to talk with a Coyote specialist.


Q: What peak season support does Coyote offer?

A: UPS Peak Season kicks off in early November as retailers gear up for the holiday shopping season. As a UPS company, carriers in the Coyote network have unique access to UPS Peak loads.

For shippers, you can benefit from our UPS relationship by working with our Flex Solutions team to develop unique capacity and storage solutions to support your surge capacity needs.

To learn more about dedicated surge capacity solutions, click here.

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