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CoyoteGO Shipper Release Notes: Requote Shipments, Track Without Logging In & More

The technology you use to keep up with the demands of your business should work for you — not the other way around.

That's why we're committed to continually improving CoyoteGO® with updates that make our user-friendly digital freight platform faster, easier and more secure.

Here are the latest features we’ve added to CoyoteGO to improve your shipping experience.


Requote a Previous Shipment (TL or LTL)

If you make multiple similar shipments that aren’t quite frequent enough to secure a contract rate, your life just got easier.

Once you’ve built a truckload or LTL shipment in CoyoteGO, we’ll save it to your account. Just click into the Previous Quotes tab to see every load you’ve quoted in the past. Find the one you want? Click Requote to get started on your new shipment.


requote a previous shipment


Wasting time building and rebuilding loads is a thing of the past when you quote through CoyoteGO.


2 Easy Ways to Share Tracking With Anyone Who Needs to See It

Your customers can stay just as in the loop as you are.

Now anyone — even those without a CoyoteGO account — can quickly check for updates on a Coyote shipment.

There are two ways to access load tracking without signing into CoyoteGO.

1. Track with Coyote Load Number or PRO Number

Visit and enter either the Coyote load number or the shipment's PRO number.

It’s that easy.


unauthenticated tracking form


2. Track With a Secure Link

If you’d rather not deal with tracking numbers at all, we’ve got you covered too.

Once you’ve completed booking your shipment and you reach the Quote & Ship success page, you’ll receive a public tracking link.

You can copy this link and email it directly to anyone who needs to know how your shipment is progressing, regardless of whether they’re a CoyoteGO user.


public tracking display


Clicking this secure link will take you directly to the shipment tracking page for your load.


public tracking display with map


Quote Instantly Before You Join

Still thinking about joining CoyoteGO?

Now you can get a taste of how our powerful platform streamlines the quoting process without even creating an account.

When you visit us at, you can request a truckload or LTL quote right from our homepage.


instant quote form on homepage


To start, enter pickup and delivery zip codes into the form.

You’ll be taken to our Get a Freight Quote page to finish entering load details and a business email address at which we can contact you.

That’s all there is to it; we’ll email you your quote promptly after you complete this page.

Like how easy it is to receive an instant quote online? Sign up for CoyoteGO today and take advantage of all its convenient features for shippers.


Get the Most Out of Your CoyoteGO Experience

To learn all the details about using CoyoteGO as a shipper, check out the user guides:

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