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Summertime Freight: 4 Ways Carriers Can Make the Most Out of the Hottest Months

As the weather heats up, so does freight shipping across the country.

Produce, beverage freight, camping supplies, grilling equipment — lots of freight surges during the summer months. 

Learn when and where these surges happen to best prepare your business for this summer.


Summertime Freight: A Perfect Example of a Seasonal Demand Cycle

Three cycles drive the U.S. truckload market: seasonal demand, annual procurement and market capacity.

The first — seasonal demand — is relatively easy to observe and on full display during the summer months.

With Memorial Day (the unofficial start of summer shipping) in the rear view, carriers need to prepare for the unique set of challenges and opportunities that the next few months will bring.

The summer calendar is full of holidays, opportunities for recreation, and reasons to gather and celebrate. All of these annual trends drive surging freight volumes throughout the season.

3 Cycles of the U.S. truckload market

Let's take a look at some of the more consistent trends of the summer shipping months that you can apply in any market, no matter the current conditions


When & Where Summer Freight Is the Hottest

Similar to produce season, food and beverage shipments tend to start in the South and move north as the weather gets warmer.

Beef production in central plain states will also play a role in the coming months.


May – June

There are many food and beverage production facilities in Mexico, so U.S. cities along the border are focal points earlier in the summer as retailers place order to build up inventory.

Major cities include: Laredo, TX; McAllen, TX; Nogales, AZ; Calexico, CA.

Wine shipments out of California and the pacific northwest are another notable commodity with increased late spring and early summer shipping. Heading into June, as beverage shipments increase, expect produce demand to subside.

June – July

Texas and California will be major sources of outbound freight in these months.

Beer shipping from the border remains strong and demand for beef out of northern Texas and the central plains ramps up as the country hits peak BBQ season.

July – August

After the 4th of July, summertime demand for food and beverage freight slows down, while demand for back-to-school and retail loads picks up.

Accordingly, the need for dry van trailers will increase while refrigerated demand drops.


4 Tips to Get More Volume This Summer

More than ever, shippers need reliable carriers to help.

Here are a few ways you can take advantage.

1. Go Digital

Having a relationship with a dedicated rep who knows your business is important. Using them to talk strategy and access unique opportunities is smart.

For the day-to-day interactions, using a digital freight platform like CoyoteGO® can help you get faster access to more opportunities. You can see more freight, make more offers, book loads instantly and manage your active shipments. 

2. Consider Refrigerated Freight

If you have available drivers and the ability to invest in refrigerated trailers, summer is a great time to pick up more reefer loads.

Investing in different trailer types can be a delicate balance, but it can be a great way to access more (typically higher-paying) loads. 

3. Honor Your Commitments

This is especially important in the current deflationary market, where there is more carrier capacity than shipper demand, making competition fierce.

It can be tempting to move all your trucks to the most active freight regions to grab the best paying seasonal loads, but remember that food and beverage season is temporary.

Carriers that implement and stick to a "carrier of choice" strategy will be in a better position to reap the benefits when the market eventually rebounds.

4. Provide Load Visibility

Shippers prefer working with carriers who provide visibility into their freight’s location.

At Coyote, we provide carriers in our network with four easy and free options to do this.


Every Year Summertime Presents Opportunities

Carriers that understand the trends and take a few simple steps will be in a better position to out-haul the competition this, and every summer. 

To get instant access to over 10,000 daily loads this summer, sign up for your free CoyoteGO account and start making offers, booking and getting paid.

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