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Give a Thank You, Share a Thank You: Coyote CEO Invites You to Join Him

Jonathan Sisler is Coyote's Chief Executive Officer. In this letter, he expresses his gratitude for the continued efforts of carriers, shippers and Coyote employees during this trying time.

He also encourages you — all of you — to submit your own "thank you" to people who have helped you out. Simply fill out the form in the article below. Spread the love!


Thank You to Front Line Workers

I want to start off by sincerely thanking all front line workers and first responders around the world.

From truck drivers, dispatchers, dock workers and supply chain professionals to doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and grocery store employees, your tireless work has helped to support us all. Although this is not over, your commitment to do what needs to be done is greatly appreciated.

During times of uncertainty, Coyote remains inspired by you and stands grounded in the principles of our vision: We Lead. We Innovate. We Move the World’s Freight — Forward.

Your commitment to do what needs to be done is greatly appreciated.

While this crisis has brought many challenges, it has also provided us the unique ability to make a difference through our shared purpose. As such, Coyote Logistics and the entire UPS Supply Chain Solutions family want to express our shared gratitude — something we should give daily in the best of times, but is even more critical to give in the most challenging of times.

With that in mind, I invite you to read some of the many inspiring stories of hard work, giving and gratitude that we're sharing. From Crocs to Bett-a-Way Logistics and Hoptrans to Uline, thank you all for your continued commitment to help keep people safe, healthy and fed. 

Read those stories and more. 

Thank You to Our Global Teams

Our organization is proud to be a part of a critical infrastructure industry, as deemed by the Department of Homeland Security.

With this designation comes a special responsibility to support both public health and community well-being throughout this pandemic.

Coyotes have stepped up in new and incredible ways to support global relief efforts.

We have been recognized by The White House for our leadership, alongside UPS, in coordinating the logistics necessary to distribute coronavirus testing supplies, N95 masks, and ventilators — all of which keep healthcare workers safer while they provide critical care.


"We are part of an amazing team, and situations like last night demonstrate what we are capable of when we continue to focus on having the inventory and the good people  with 'people' being the most critical piece.

Thanks to all of you, including our valued carrier partners, who worked through the night to keep America open for business!"

- Uline, in response to Coyote's efforts alongside UPS 


I want to extend a special thank you to Coyote's Flex Solutions team for mobilizing our efforts and putting together a group of 25 Coyotes across multiple departments to make this happen.

These Coyotes worked behind the scenes through the night, ensuring that these critical medical loads were delivered. What a great example of making a meaningful contribution to the public good!


A Special Thank You to Coyote IT

Social distancing is one of the most important things we can do as good citizens to keep our people and communities safe.

Without the tireless efforts of Coyote IT, who rapidly scaled our remote working capacity, we simply could not have continued to safely and effectively operate in the way we have.

In mid-February, this group seamlessly switched gears, going from normal day-to-day activities to intensive work with business leaders. Their responsiveness transitioned our company to a mobile workforce in a timeframe that I can hardly believe.

In true Coyote fashion, our people rose to the challenge.

While we use lots of fantastic tools to conduct business operations, our core systems were not designed to support our entire workforce working from home.

This transition was a monumental ask of our people, processes and resources. In true Coyote fashion, our people rose to the challenge.


Here are just a few of Coyote IT's accomplishments:

  • Acquiring, building and deploying an additional 400 notebooks in record time
  • Acquiring, building and deploying new hardware to support 1,200 active Portal users with more capacity coming soon
  • Enhancements to our virtual platforms to support a record number of remote users
  • Expansion of our conferencing solutions to support remote efforts

With some of the brightest and most talented technical minds in the industry, we are confident we will continue to serve our network shippers and carriers as we navigate the weeks ahead.


An Open Invitation to Give & Share Thanks

Our ability to come together and serve the greater good in times like these is a constant source of pride and inspiration.

I know the stories I’ve heard insofar are just the start of many admirable acts of kindness. I am truly honored to be leading this organization, today and every day.

I’d like to invite you all to submit your own "thank yous" to your fellow supply chain professionals. 

To help gather and spread all of our mutual gratitude, I’d like to invite everyone across the global supply chain to submit your own 'thank yous' to your fellow supply chain professionals and others on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. 

If you have anyone you'd like to recognize in these trying times, whether it's a heroic effort that really went above and beyond, or just a simple act of kindness that made you smile, I'd love to hear about it. 


To help spread the love, your submissions may be featured on Coyote's website and social media channels using #GreenMeansGiveThanks.


I encourage you all to share your appreciation for front line workers and first responders, in particular the drivers and facility employees who, as Pat Campbell and Todd Souder said, are working hard to deliver vital goods every day.

Thank you again for all of your hard work. We will get through this together!

Stay safe and healthy,

Jonathan Sisler
Chief Executive Officer


A Few Final Safety Reminders for All

Please continue to check our updates for the latest on Coyote's preparedness policies and coronavirus insights. And remember:

  • All employees with the ability to work from home are encouraged to do so.
  • Offices will remain open, as Coyote has been deemed a critical infrastructure industry. Coyotes, if you do need to be in the office, allow six feet between you and your neighbor.
  • Continue protecting yourself and others by practicing social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and disinfecting frequently touched services.